India’s Constitution should be amended and India declared as a “Hindu Nation” – Narain Kataria

clip_image001-2-300x300The unprecedented atrocities have been perpetrated on hapless Hindus since the inception of Pakistan. As a result, in the last 68 years, Hindu population in Pakistan has been reduced from 20-22% in 1947 to 1% in 2015.

It is a matter of great disgrace and shame that while entire Hindu-Sikh population in Pakistan is being gradually cleansed, the world does not seem to pay heed to this humungous humanitarian problem.

In this connection it would be worthwhile to note that in the 1946 elections, Indian Muslims had voted en masse for the creation of Pakistan – an Islamic State – and they got it. Now they should have absolutely no right on India. They should not be allowed to open a separate account in Pakistan and a joint account with Hindus in India! Because of the blunder committed by Congress Prime Minister Mr. Nehru, Hindus are still suffering from his ill-conceived vote bank policies.

The natural corollary of the Pakistan is that India should have been declared a Hindu State at the time of Partition. Government of India, even though ruled by pro-Hindu Modi government feels helpless and has so far not taken any stern action to protect Pakistani Hindus.

In order to safeguard Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and even in India itself, it is absolutely essential that at an appropriate time India’s Constitution should be amended and India declared as a “Hindu Nation”.


Narain Kataria

Source: WHN Media Network