(Photos) “Modi ji in USA: I was fortunate to witness it” – Tapan Ghosh

1 2 3 4 5 DSCF0482 DSCF0484 DSCF0485 DSCF0488 DSCF0492 DSCF0499 DSCF0501 DSCF0503 unnamed (14) unnamed (15) MODI JI IN USA. I WAS FORTUNATE TO WITNESS. I was fortunate enough to witness our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji’s two events in California in US on 27 September. One at Facebook headquarters’ campus. Other was at SAP Center stadium (18,000 seat capacity) at San Jose. I saw how Modiji rejuvenating India outside India. I saw how Modi ji brought huge smiles on the faces of the successful daughters and sons of Mother India there. Bengali techies of California too are not far behind in welcoming MODI ji. They’re proud of Modiji. Their slogan :” Bhalobasi bhalobasi, Modiji-ke Bhalobasi” was attracting attention of the crowd. To welcome Modi ji, eleven Congressmen (MPs) of California including most powerful Nancy Pelosi and Tulsi Gabbard were present in the stadium. This made the Indians’ chests swell to 56 inches. Modi ji’s speech was extremely powerful. Cultural programs (Bharatiya dance & song of Kailash Kher) were really excellent. I hardly saw this standard in India. I was extremely happy to see all these. Pics: Facebook campus, welcoming Modi ji outside SAP Center@San Jose@ California, Inside stadium.

Source: WHN Media Network