Muslim man abducts ‘Pregnant’ Hindu woman Tandra Rani in Bangladesh


Ms.Tandra Rani Debnath (23) Hindu Pregnant school teacher (vegetarian-Shannashi) kidnapped for forceful conversion to Islam by Muslim perpetrator – Mohammad Habib (28) Ms.Tandra was the wife of Biswajit Debnath- a Bank officer. She was kidnapped on 11.03.2016 while she was waiting for vehicle to go to his father’s home at Ataradana seven kilometers away from Ghatail Police station-Tangail District. Her Husband Biswajit is also crying for justice and he, in the meantime, lost his senses due to kidnapping of his wife. Ram Prasad Debnath – father of victim women lodged first information report (FIR) at Ghatail police station for recovery of his daughter and he also prayed for immediate arrest of perpetrator- Mohammad Habib with Ms.Trandra Rani.

Ms.Beauty Rani Debnath – mother of Tandra Rani (victim) submitted an appeal to Bangladesh Minority Watch for necessary legal assistance on 02.04.2016 and cried loudly at our office. She also alleged that her daughter has been threatened and killed if she wants to go back to Hindu fold 

I, on behalf of BDMW communicated with the Additional Superintendent of Police, Tangail who assured me that the victim would be recovered and the perpetrator would be arrested. I also talked with Md. Kamal Hossain O.C of Ghatail P.S. over his mobile number who admitted the fact and said ” Ms.Tandra Rani does not want to come back to Hindu fold” But while I asked him why the perpetrator has not yet arrested by police, police could not reply on this point. I also pointed out that if a baby within the womb of Ms.Tandra Rani is killed who will be responsible for killing the unborn child ? police could not answer. Police always saying Tandra Rani went out with Md. Habib for love. Tendency of the police officer is not in favor of victim.

Bangladesh MINORITY WATCH is very much concerned about kidnapping and forceful conversion of Hindu women by the Muslim perpetrator. We also demand immediate arrest of Mohammad Habib and be sent to jail for abducting pregnant women.

Source: World Hindu News (WHN)