Open your eyes Hindus! Disgusting video of a foreign Missionary converting Hindus in Hospital in Hydrabad

Christians or Muslims they have been converting Hindus from past 1000 years. It was the resistance of Hindus like Shivaji or Guru Govind Singh and other that we still have a population of 1billion. But the best part during the regime of Guru Govind Singh or Rana Pratap or Shivaji was that we didn’t have media that time.

All the media is anti Hindu be it Barkha Datt or Rajdeep Sardesai or Shobha De or any other. In India secular means anti Hindu. Missionaries from all the religions are coverting Hindus and they have been using all means to convert Hindus.

Media covers the issue of Ghar Wapsi in a mammoth way and have been writing, discussing about it for weeks but did you ever see any media house showcasing any debate about conversion of Hindus.

Here is the video in which a missionary comes to a hospital in Hydrabad and preaching lessons and distributing Bibles to the dying people to convert them. ‘Jesus is the supreme God’ he chanted.

But you still find Hindus saying It’s okay let them convert. If you are against conversion then spread the word.

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