Hindu Students Council’s 25th Annual Camp


NEW YORK, USA, May 11, 2016 : Hindu Students Council (HSC), the largest Hindu youth organization in North America, will be hosting its 25th Annual Camp at the Shanti Mandir, in Walden, NY. HSC, which hosted a successful Global Dharma Conference featuring over 55 world renowned speakers and performers in September 2015, will conclude its Silver Jubilee celebrations at the Annual Camp, which has been a hallmark of college youth summer activities since 1990.

This year’s camp program will be structured around the theme of “Goals of Life,” based on the Hindu concept of the “Purusharthas.” “We hope that the students will develop a holistic appreciation and deeper understanding for all that Hinduism has to offer them. Over 130,000 students and youth have participated in HSC activities since its inception in 1990.

For more information, please visit www.hindustudentscouncil.org or email atinfo@hindustudentscouncil.org or contact Nikund Trivedi (732) 599-1561

Source: Hinduism Today