How Hindu MEN and WOMEN are being divided for Islamists gain and destruction of Hinduism in India?

I found a question “How can a Hindu girl convince her parents about her decision to marry a Muslim and convert to Islam?” posted on Quora and felt time is up to convey some bitter truth that I had acquired during my days in US armed forces to Hindus in India.


Wow…. Hinduism and her culture….Once used to be a great ancient civilization or way of life that had taught everyone on this planet what was family and what was it to live in a society with values. Unfortunately today, their gracious women are on the street asking unknown people an advice on internet about marrying Muslims and converting to Islam. Looks very strange but not a matter to ignore. Something has gone wrong. In fact, very wrong. I will explain you how.Do you remember or have you read about what was happening in the world during 90’s? Do you know Yasser Arafat Movement? Middle east conflicts? Islamic up rise in South east Asia? or Bosnian war? Yes, and off course famous 1992 demolition as well.What happened next? and how is it related to your problem today?Here you find some of the facts and I will show you how it is related:

  1. Exactly after 6 and half months of 1992 demolition, prominent Islamic leaders of the world met in Kuala Lumpur (16th of July 1993, National mosque complex, Jalan Perdana, Tasik Perdana, KL,) to discuss the next course of action to grow Islam and effectively destroy Hindu culture in entire Indian subcontinent. They formed a committee to identify weak links in Hindu society and Indian culture in order to come up with a very robust plan to conquer India.
  2. Very first report submitted by the committee highlighted – “India has been a toughest country in the history to conquer permanently by any ruler. British, Portuguese and other Europeans had tried to break Hindu society on their historic caste system for their gain but still they could not achieve sustained control on the land. Their rule eventually got over by the continued resistance of powerful Hindu community. So what to do next? How to use tested and tried DIVIDE and RULE policy and on WHOM?
  3. Since caste or ancient Varna system did not work well and was not a viable solution, the next best possible strategy was to reach the core of Hinduism.What is that then? Nothing but dividing Hindu Women and Men within a community to create hard differences of opinions in their family and society system. History has repeatedly shown us on various occasions about this strategy to destroy a community and in fact an entire civilization.
  4. This was in fact very easy to achieve as well. How differences were created? Using various means such as raising pseudo feminism, equality concerns, differences of opinion, targeted ego hurt and many more tactics. In fact, most of the issues seriously didn’t exist in Hindu culture and were put into Hinduism with vested interests. I do not deny Hinduism was not having any issues at all. Issues were there but were not made so prominent for others gain. And today, one can see how well Islamists achieved their goal.
  5. Religious Muslims hid their sisters in burqa and yet eyed on Hindu women only with the intention of converting them in order to terminate a generation of future Hindus. Because of already created differences most Hindu women are unable to understand the reality and are falling prey so easily. Islamists broke Hindu Women’s Integrity and Ethics by attacking on her core value such as self-esteem. Hindu women, if your bonding was so strong with your community as it was during ancient times you would never have fallen prey today. You know isn’t it? In any community, Women are the one who build a generation. Men play a part of supporting the generation only. So by effective conversion of Hindu women and by making new born as Muslim, a generation of Hinduism is being terminated very successfully. Most of those helpless Hindu parents who had single daughter have already lost their next generation of Hinduism due to this tactic.
  6. So you may ask how did Islamists achieve to bring difference? How did they promote these false issues in society then? You need someone to do isn’t it? Who are those people who can reach maximum people in society and make a larger impact? They are none other than your Journalists, Public figures, Actors, Scholars etc with hidden pseudo word in front of their occupation.
  7. So the recommendation was to include and push for more and more of their own Muslims in these areas of occupations. Heavy investment of foreign money was used for this agenda. If India is fighting Demonetization or undeclared money issue today, this is also one of the strong cause. But government of India cannot publish these facts openly and you know why as well. Today, you yourself can see the difference in the type of biased news, TV, cinema and promotions. E.g. A trend is being created to show Muslim as boyfriend and Hindu as his girlfriend in almost every commercial Bollywood movies. Just observe with keen eyes during your next visit to movie hall.

There were plenty of other recommendations and milestones (e.g., Halal introduction in Hindu food chain, Construction of mosques next to temples to block deities from worshiping, Creating stampedes in festivals to kill deities, Torching night journey buses, Reservations, Conversions, Sabotages etc with only intention of reducing Hindu population) that I can disclose but I think these are enough to address your problem and to show how you got detached from your community and how well women similar to you are falling prey so easily.I would say, since you got the facts cleared now, please go ahead and destroy Hindus from India with your full heart and soul. But remember, Islam considers you as a human being without self-esteem who is born to get converted. It was Hinduism that gave you so much of freedom. But ultimately Hinduism got Exploited by YOU in return. You selfishly misused a freedom that was given wholeheartedly by your people and by your parents without even thinking about future of your faith and community.So think well lady!!Read some of the facts and pattern of how women were lured successfully in my other answer as well.A new age cold war was started against India 20 years ago and still going on.

Deceptive conversion of Hindu women in the name of Love by organized Muslim youths in India


“For those who are confused with the term Hindu used by me: – My answers to any questions referring Hindu as one term is nothing but reference to related collective culture of India including Hindu, Jain, Sikh, Buddhism etc. So when I say Hindu or Hinduism, I intend to refer the original culture/community/religion of India.

“It is not man who builds a generation. It is woman who builds a generation. One woman you lose in community is nothing but loss of one generation and that can’t be reversed at all.”

First of all, do not call this activity Love Jihad. It is actually an exploitation of Hindu religion and their women.

Majority of Hindus do not understand their culture and do not know how to protect their own women from wolves disguised as sheep. Their leniency will one day destroy their culture and their religion like the same way how it got destroyed in many Asian countries. Only a fraction of Hindus are remaining in India and if Hindus cannot take any strategic step, I am confident their religion will wipe out in another 5 generations. Read through one of my studies and what can you do as a Hindu.

How Love Jihadis slyly lure Hindu women? Mosque backed Islamic conversion fetishes strategy to convert Hindu girls in India:

  1. Befriend a Hindu woman who is a co-worker, student or lives nearby. Modern Hindu working women are their prime targets.
  2. Start talking to her regularly on WhatsApp and secret calls to gain her trust.
  3. Most of these activities are done very secret so that no-one comes to know. Many a times even the female friend of Hindu woman never comes to know what is happening with her friend.
  4. Brainwash the girl by continuously faking colorful life of Muslim woman. – Gaining trust of someone by deceiving tactics are easier than being truthful. Most common pick up lines used by Islamic conversion fetishes on a Hindu woman in Indian subcontinent are “You look more like a Muslim. You don’t look like Hindu”, “Will you be a Muslim?” to make a psychological attack on her thinking process.
  5. Easiest way followed by these men is to rake up feminism, equality and independence issues. Except few women many do not even realize the real motive and they end up ditching their morality. Do not believe me? Try it yourself. Having physical relationship with Hindu woman is their priority to create bonding. You know isn’t it? how a woman’s brain start thinking after this?
  6. Physical relationship is the main reason why many women eloped even after getting married to a Hindu man and Jihadis ensure to break her home till she gets converted and elopes with them.
  7. Use special marriage act of 1954 very conveniently to secretly marry the girl. “Visit your nearest sub-registers special marriage counter this weekend and check the notice board there. I bet you will find your neighborhood girls photo with application”.
  8. Convert her after the marriage. At this stage girl has no choice but to convert. Which law in the world made converting as possible for Hindu and not possible for Muslim?
  9. Kids born will be Muslims and a generation of Hindu is terminated very successfully by Jihadis.
  10. Being one among you, a Jihadi successfully terminated a generation of Hindu religion. This happened only because ignorant Hindu never realized their secret motive.
  11. Your celebrities promote this to make a trend because innocent, very sweet “/sarcasm” Hindus never understand their real motive. Your celebrities marry many different Hindu women in their lifetime and yet the child born will always be a Muslim and they publicly tell that their kids will follow Islam.
  12. Your celebrities are questioned for hours in American airports doesn’t mean Americans are jobless. You may be blind and ignorant but they know what is the real face of your so-called (your own English term for sarcasm) celebrities.
  13. Islamic conversion fetishes propagate this trend by showing Hindu women as Muslims girlfriend and wife in almost every Bollywood films. Show reverse of this in movies and you see a protest from Muslims. You know why?

Let’s see what happens if Hindu boy is in love with a Muslim girl?

  1. However good may be a Muslim friend of Hindu boy, he is instructed to share with his mosque friends when Muslim girl is in love with a Hindu boy. Your own best Muslim friend will do this behind you.
  2. Even if Hindu boy do not have any Muslim friend, other unrelated Muslims make sure to tell this to their mosque friends. I have observed one more thing during the studies. Most of the Muslim women try to defend their religion, but most of the Hindu women are very submissive and they think defending their religion as old fashion and they become very ready to ditch their community. May be something to do with those extra strains of betrayal gene? Not sure. Muslim female friend of Hindu girl always try to hook up her Hindu friend with Muslim boys. Have you seen the opposite of that?
  3. Unrelated Muslim youths start keeping an eye on the couple.
  4. On a perfect day, they beat up Hindu boy to generate fear.
  5. End of love story. This is the same old age strategy used by Muslims all over the world. Read about history of Malaysia, Indonesia, Maldives and many more other countries.
  6. Hindu man will end up with nothing and becomes a loser in front of people. He almost loses his confidence for the entire life. Go and back your buddy at least.

Still you do not understand this tactic? I bet, you should go and try it yourself today and then comment here.

Then, what can you do as a Hindu?

  1. If you are aware of any Jihadi trying to befriend Hindu girl, without hesitation book him a hotel and make him enjoy his days “/sarcasm” using their own strategy.
  2. Integrity is the top most quality expected in a civilized human being. Never ever give respect to both the women who betray their religion and the Jihadi who made her do so. Treat them like shit and make them feel trash on every phase of life. Never do the mistake of pardoning the betrayal.
  3. Grow up “/Sarcasm” and learn to protect your own women (please don’t add feminism color here). Raise above caste, greed and especially your own stupid ideology. Your own people will try to mislead you with their stupid ideology. Very few have the eyes to see beyond.
  4. There is nothing called it is their personal matter when it comes to community or religion. Matter becomes personal when you allow it to grow till that stage. At least learn something from Muslims. Stop bringing feminism, equality, independence etc in each and every issue. Mixing up these issues are like asking someone how are you? but getting a reply I just had my dinner. Keep these stupid ideologists away from you and your family.
  5. Educate your daughter, sister and every possible woman in your life so intern they educate their friends. Do not hesitate to discuss this issue with your woman. There is a thin line between education and being civilized. Not every educated person is civilized or holds high morality. Hope you understand this point and convey the right message.
  6. Most importantly educate your own sweet little innocent child minded “/sarcasm” Hindu friends and stop giving up on Hindu women in society. Respect your women and never give up on her. She may be a daughter, a sister or a mother of someone else, but as long as she is women respect her and treat her with love. That is what brings her near to you.
  7. Never allow Jihadis to come in close contact with Hindu woman. Do not understand this point? Try to be close with Muslim girl to see your own Muslims friends true face. They will work like a team and separate you from girl. You gotta learn something here. Remember, a religion/community is nothing other than Your Family, Your Women and Your Land that you worship. If you lose even one out of these three a religion becomes nothing more than an ordinary book.
  8. Very important, even if Hindu girl is unrelated to you, ensure to keep her away from Jihadis somehow. This is what Muslims do if a Hindu tries to be close to Muslim girl. Modernization is not to get converted or ditching your community. Modernization is to improve your community to make it strong.
  9. Never share Hindu girl contact numbers with Jihadis and do not support adding them as FB friends in girls FB account. They behave nice to you and behind you they destroy your religion and culture very strategically. Being broadminded is entirely a different thing. Show your broad mindedness in building your culture or something else.
  10. Very importantly, put pressure on government to abolish Special marriage act and amend Hindu marriage act with non-conversion rules to Hindus and newborn must be a Hindu no matter whatever be the religion of Father. The day you abolish this law, automatically all these farce love and drama by Jihadis will be over. Do and see the result. What kind of country in the world makes such an ignorant special marriage act to crucify their own people slowly day by day?

“UPDATED with SUGGESTION for Hindu girls based on a request from very responsible Hindu woman who had experienced these tactics in her life and suffered to the core:

Islamic conversion fetishes approach Hindu women very conveniently and very often to try their luck. Being one among you, they behave very differently in front of Hindu man but yet display their sly act with Hindu woman very secretly by contacting her on messaging apps, chats and by regular personal conversations.

By targeting woman’s emotions, they bring a situation where woman cannot say NO to them.

So how can a Hindu woman identify a conversion fetish quickly on the very first day of encounter with him and how do you get rid of the situation?

  • When they approach you to try their luck (they will definitely approach by various means. Most common of them are co-workers in your filed of work), instead of giving several reasons like family won’t agree, mom won’t agree and dad won’t agree etc., just tell them very straight forward, “I am HINDU and I respect and believe in my faith” and direct him to accept Hinduism LEGALLY and PERSONALLY to become one among your FAMILY before going any further. It should be your motto to lift people from darkness rather than you falling in the pit.
  • This time of situation is the only chance for you to control the matter and your life before you end up losing control over your consciousness and integrity.
  • I bet, by this time you will realize his secret motto very well. Else, they will start making you emotional by showing their sly good behavior in front of you till you agree and convert submissively. Avoid this one specific mistake in your lifetime.

Very Importantly, discuss with your parents and your own people on the very first day before ending up in one-way street. Conversion fetishes always try their best to keep the matter away from reaching your family and friends. This is the sign you must catch and must discuss with your people in advance before becoming helpless later.

Being an adult doesn’t mean one won’t fall prey to deceptive conversion. Good luck.