Culture, artistry as Indian community marks Hindu New Year

Culture, artistry as Indian community marks Hindu New YearMore than four months after the global community celebrated the New Year of its Gregorian calendar – year 2017 (after the death of Christ), the Indian community in Nigeria, joining others in its motherland and Diaspora, marked the Hindu NavVarsh (Hindu New Year) 2074.

Organised by the Overseas Friends of BhartiyaJanta Party (OFBJP) Nigeria Chapter, a voluntary and community organization of Non-Resident Indians living abroad the New Year celebration party was hosted at the Geeta Ashram Temple premises, Lekki Phase 1.

During the celebration, different performers took to the stage to mime; dance and act Indo-Naija cultural fusion music, drama, and poetic rendition. A group of students under the name “Lightyear Entertainment”, from the Department of Art and Culture, University of Lagos (UNILAG) was also on hand to thrill hundreds of attendants with colourful dresses, sophisticated dance steps and masterful renditions.

Convener and President, OFBJP, Nigeria Chapter, Sanjay Srivastava said, “We work closely with diplomatic missions, governments and local community in 41 countries worldwide. OFBJP Nigeria promotes people to people friendship and shares good governance and promotes social and economic policies that speak about development agenda of the government of India and contribution towards best international policies and practices.”

Speaking further, he said, “And in the last three years, we have continuously been celebrating this Hindu NavVarsh, using the name: ‘BhartiyaSanskriti Diwas Africa’. And as you can see here today, the sustainability of the annual event is gaining popularity and acceptability among Indians and Nigerians. Today, we are having over 500 dignitaries, comprising Indians and Nigerian citizen,”.

The event also witnessed active deliberation of the theme of the day, “Patriotic personality from different states of India, regional heroes, who have contributed toward betterment of the society in the field of Independence War, Art, Science and Culture”.  

Similarly, Mr. Vijay Chauthaiwale, the officer in-charge of Indian Foreign Affairs Department of the ruling BhartiyaJanta Party, India, held an online conversation with the gathering as he spoke on trade and cultural relations between India and Nigeria. He highlighted a number of similarities between the two countries and appealed that all communities and diplomatic missions work together to make a better world and enrich the society. 

The General Secretary of OFBJP, Mr. Pravin Kumar appreciated the Indian Diplomatic Mission in Nigeria for its usual support as well as others who participated in the programme for its successful hosting.   

Some Indian social leaders who witnessed the event were Dr. Aniel Pulikan, Chief Mr. Anil Gopwani, Mr. Manu Lalwani, Mr. Vikas Kane, Dr. Bharat Pandey, Mr. Rakesh Shrivastava, Mr. Sanjay Jha, Mr. Abhishek Srivasastav, Mr. Gagan, Mr. SadyojatShastri, Mr. HImanshu Tripathi, Mr. RahulSawant, Mr. Dhiren, Mrs. Neetu Pandey, Mrs. Shweta Abhishek, Mrs. Dipti Kane, Mrs. RuchiSawant and Chief Dr. J Duggad.