Birthday of Sri Sri Ravishankar celebrated with zeal

Staff Reporter,

birthday of religious leader Sri Sri Ravishankar was celebrated with distribution of free medicines and food amongst needy by Chalit Prasadam Sewa at Bada Phuhara on Saturday.
Besides, mahaarti and prasad distribution ceremonies were also organised on the occasion. The site was decorated with banana leaves and floor was white washed with help of cow dung which imparted divine look to the area.
Kendriya Mantri of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) Dharm Narayan Sharma said that this country has been following the great Sanatan Dharma. Whenever Hindus became victim of atrocities, divine great men were born on the land.
Now, Sri Sri Ravishankar Maharaj has upheld flag of Sanatan Dharma not only in India but also in other parts of the world with help of Sudarshan Kriya. People should make their life successful by considering him an ideal for themselves. Now, food to hungry people and medicine to needy patients are being provided which is a part of age old tradition.
The programme was organised by Sri Sri Ravishankar Maharaj’s Ayurvedic medicine wing head Sharad Agrawal. A vote of thanks was proposed by Vishnu Bahadur Rana. A K Rajput, Ramkumar Dubey, Ashok Desai, Chandra Prakash Shrivastava, Simple Sardar, Avinash Rai, Ashok Poddar and others were also present on the occasion. Manager of Chalit Prasadam Service Dr Sudher Agrawal said that on 2184th day of the programme, Bhandara Prasad was distributed at Bada Phuhara. More than 300 people took meal in Bhandara on the occasion.

Source: The Hitavada

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