Time For Strongest Action Against Jihadists Terrorism in Kashmir: VHP

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VHP Demands Immediate Action

New Delhi, July 11, 2017

On July 10, 2017 at night, near Anantnag – Kashmir, there was a brutal Jihadist attack on the bus full of Amarnath pilgrims who were returning from the Darshan, in which many are dead & many critical. The Jihadist attackers came on bikes, first attacked the CRPF post, then the police team escorting the bus & then the bus too.

Reacting on the incident & the ongoing continued attacks on Indian Security Forces & civilians in Kashmir almost daily past over 2 years, Vishwa Hindu Parishad has condemned the Anantnag Jihadist attack on Amarnath Pilgrims & made specific demands from the Central & State Govts.


  1. The whole world has been facing the evil & horrible impact of Jihadist Terrorism for past few decades. Bharat faced the worst of it through continued invasions & then the rule by the Islamic invaders for 450 yrs. Now the outer nature is changed but the ideology & actions behind are the same: Target & finish ALL those who are not like them. VHP demands that the current Govt of India must accept this fact & rather than wasting time in dialogue, appeasement, giving jobs etc to such Jihadists; Govt must act strongly against them. As US President Donald Trump said, “These Jihadists aim at controlling lands & people. We should destroy Jihadist Islamic Terrorism.” Without mincing words, Govt of India should form a specific attack policy & act on it before Bharat turns into a daily attack zone by the Jihadists.
  2. Govt should immediately stop recruiting Kashmiri Muslim youth in any security forces of Bharat & in J&K. There are umpteen incidents of they running away with weapons & ammunition to use the same against our own security forces & people.
  3. Rather than being in denial & calling them ‘wayward kids’, Govt of India & State Govt of Kashmir must pinpoint the Jihadist elements in Kashmir as well as their support bases in other parts of Bharat & in the world. Then attack them to the final conclusion & put an end to continued lynching of all by these Jihadists.
  4. To look secular globally & to appease Muslims in Bharat, there has been a fashion of calling Hindus ‘Gundas’, Hindu Terrorist, etc. Political parties & some sections of media / so called activists indulge in this. Rather than wasting nation’s energy on blaming Hindus, Govt & all others should focus on eliminating Jihadist terrorism from Bharat. Education / jobs / development for the Jihadists & those who follow that religious ideology is absolutely no way; they use all these & our democratic systems to target Bharat. So, Central Govt & all state Govts should stop giving them jobs, educational facilities & forums to spread their evil ideology.

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  1. All state Govts should close down shops / businesses by Kashmiri Muslims in tourist destinations / pilgrimage places / markets / hotels / stations etc.
  2. From all over the world & also from Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra & other states, many youth – men & women – of other faiths like Christians / Hindus have been lured by the Jihadist groups. Many have joined Jihadist groups like ISIS etc after converting to Islam. VHP appeals the Govt agencies & media to stop calling them ‘Hindu Terrorist’ or ‘Christian Terrorist’. Once they convert to Islam, they give up their earlier religious identity. Bharat & the world has been seeing these type of lured / forced conversions past 1400 yrs. (Recent global examples: ‘Jihadi John of ISIS, teenage girls from UK leaving homes to join ISIS etc) We expect the action from Govt agencies & rather than targeting Hindus, the IB should find out exact modus operendie of such lured / forced conversions & punish the offenders strictly.
  3. Entire Jammu & Kashmir including Pak Occupied Kashmir has been an integral part of Bharat & it is time that the Central Govt repeal article 370 from Kashmir & also get POK and not waste time in dialogue with Pakistan or China on this.
  4. Amarnath Pilgrimage has been there for ages & will continue. It is the duty of the Central & State Govt to protect all pilgrims. Govts must fulfill their duties & promises given umpteen times.
  5. It is a policy & action failure that there have been continued attacks in Kashmir & in the name of Jihad in other parts of Bharat. Govt must give complete freedom to the Army to handle the situation their way & not be cowed down by publicity blitz by anti national activism.
  6. VHP demands that the Central Govt should immediately appoint a full time Defence Minister.
  7. World over the world has now realized the grave threat of Jihadist Islamist Terrorism. Govt of India should too agree & accept this dire fact internally & not just on global forums. This means immediate actions against all who preach, propagate, practice, fund & force Jihadist Ideology in any form in Madrasas, schools, any forums & groups.

VHP also appealed to people in Bharat to boycott all Kashmiri items & shops and stop buying Kashmiri Shawls, sweaters, handicrafts, walnuts / Saffron / Apples from Kashmir. VHP also appealed to all to stop employing Kashmiri Muslim youth anywhere in Bharat including housing societies security or as laborers in the factories. VHP also appealed to all citizens in all states to immediately inform the local police if they notice any unusual movement of luring by any suspicious groups or people. VHP appealed to maintain peace & protest only democratically against the Jihadist attack on Amarnath Pilgrims.

Attachment: Press – VHP Demands Strongest Action by Govts Against Jihadist Terrorism in Kashmir & rest of Bharat – 11 July 2017

Source: World Hindu News (WHN)