Happy Baisakhi ! Rongali Bihu! Vishu ! Puthandu — Events in April

Many parts of India celebrate the advent of the Solar year on April 14. Some areas this is combined with the Harvest Festival. Thanks to all your support, Ekal villagers can see a bright future in the upcoming months ! Thank you !
Fabulous Ekal Musical Event Coming to Your City
The annual Ekal fundraising events are being held in various cities around the country. Kaushik Deshpande (winner of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Mega Challenge) and his troupe will be featured in some cities while other areas will feature a music and dance presentation by Aditi Bhagwat (Kathak), Kunal Tavri (Flamenco),Shruthi Bhave(Violin),Suranjan Khandalkar (Vocalist and Keyboard) , Kanta Das (Vocalist and Percussion).
Ekal 2018

Source: Ekal.org

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