‘Communal Violence Bill’ will initiate another partition ! – Pujya Dr. Charudatta Pingale

Gaziabad (UP) : Under proposed anti-Hindu Communal Targeted Violence Act, Hindus can be punished even if they don’t commit any offence, on the basis of complaint lodged by minorities.  This will put in jeopardy the definition of Indian Constitution of punishing only the offenders. This Act is, therefore, against the Indian Constitution and democracy. The integrity of the country can be adversely affected due to this Act and this act will be second partition of this country.  The above views were expressed by Pujya Dr. Charudatta Pingale, national Guide of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS). He was giving guidance to devout Hindus in a program held on behalf of ‘Hindu Swabhiman and Sanskrutik Gaurav Sansthan’ for unity and felicitation of Hindu advocates wherein he spoke on the proposed Communal Targeted Violence Act.

He said while giving example of the effect of the said Act like  we are having some program and Fanatics wants to come and attend the program. If we stop him from attending, he can lodge a complaint that he was stopped from attending because he was a fanatic. In short, passing of such Act will make life very difficult for Hindus. This Act is nothing but second partition of the country. This Act should, therefore, be opposed by all Hindus with unity.

Former Central Minister and BJP leader Shri. Dr. Subramanian Swami said, “It is the wish of only Congress to get such anti-Hindu Act passed. Gandhi- Nehru families have always appeased 20 % people and have hated Hindus. Even today, their next generations are doing the same thing and this Act will continue that work. We can teach them a lesson through the medium of elections. Today, election is our battle field. If, however, we go out with weapons, it will favour Congress; therefore, to deprive Congress of power through elections, is the alternative to prevent Congress from passing this Communal Targeted Violence Act. Shri.Dr. Mahesh Chand, the executive Secretary of Sanskrutik Gaurav Sansthan said that if such Act was passed, it would be a crime to hail Bharat Mata. All of us will have to say ‘Fanatic ki Jai (Hail fanatic )’. This Act should be strongly opposed. He made an appeal to create awareness amongst people towards this Act through different newspapers, articles, writing letters etc. Shri. O. P. Gupta of ‘Bharat Raksha Manch’ said that Hindus are only taking initative in getting the Act passed. These Hindus, who are traitors like Jaichand, are really dangerous. If this Act is passed, Hindus will be called as offenders by birth because this Act will be applicable only to majority population i.e. Hindus. ‘Dasna Peetha’s Chief, Narsimhananda Saraswati, H.H. Narayangiriji Maharaj, Shri. Vonod Sarvodaya, a local devout Hindu from Gaziabad, Shri. Maheshkumar Ahuja, Regional President of  Rashtravadi Shiv Sena and retired advocate Shri. S. Tyagi were present on this occasion.


1.108 Hindu youth, who came forward for protection of Dharma, were given swords at the conclusion of the program.

2. Exhibition of books and other products, was arranged by Sanatan Sanstha at the venue of the program which received very good response from participating devout Hindus.

Source: Hindu Jagruti Samiti