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Reincarnation of the Iron - Man





The novel alludes to the role on her personal life played by the unprecedented bloodshed in the entire human history during the exodus of people from the newly created Pakistan to India, which was the result of the tragic partition of the country that accompanied independence from the British rule in August 1947. India’s non-violent freedom-struggle led by Mahatma Gandhi brought to the forefront many great national leaders. Among them, Sardar Patel, hailing from the state of Gujarat and free India’s first Home Minister, was aptly called the ‘Iron-Man of India’ – he is credited for a courageous and tactful unification of 565 princely states into the new Indian Republic. Narendra Modi, the present-day Chief Minister of Gujarat, is depicted in this novel as kind of a reincarnation of Patel, as he conducts a campaign as one of the prime ministerial candidate for the national election to be held in 2014. Modi lays bare the British-style divide-and-rule policy, vote-bank policy, and many other scandals of corruption under the presently ruling Congress Party.

This novel tells the story of Kamala enmeshed with the story of the nation at large in a fast-moving tempo and is likely to become a unique literary creation of its kind. The writer has authored twenty books, and this novel is an extension of his earlier fiction called The Next Life, published in United States about a year ago. Naturally, many political episodes and undercurrents touching upon a number of other countries – United States, Italy, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Russia – come to light. Thus, this novel is not only the recount of the struggle of an individual to win over odds of life and of her transformation, it is also a succinct record of the true happenings in India of yore as well as of India of today, intertwined in an absorbing tale of fiction and reality. Readers in India as well as elsewhere will find this story intriguing, moving, entertaining, and even inspiring.

In his desire to open readers’ eyes to the plight of hisnative land, presenting glimpses of the ancient and modern day India, author Ahnis Kosha pens a highly intriguing tale that dares dissect a mysterious land through multiplicity of engrossing and interwoven stories.

Reincarnation of the Iron-Man” reveals the story of a family, particularly the story of an urban womansuffering from depression who recovers from her malady upon reunion with her son who was captured by Islamic militants at the time of partition of the country into the present-day India and Pakistan. On the other hand, this novel also sheds light upon the rampant corruption in the current ruling party (Congress), particularly highlighting the corrupt practices of the President of the Party. This includes an unfair treatment of the Hindu majority of the country with a strong favor toward the Muslim and Christianminorities. Islamic terrorism including Pakistan (ISI)-sponsored terror attacks in Mumbai and the long-standing Kashmir problem is a threat to the security of India and stands in the way for peace, prosperity and good neighborly relation between the two countries.

Presenting a very curious yet highly interesting cases of human struggles and political plights of a country, “Reincarnation of the Iron-Man” successfully intertwined the social and political scenes of India into one story that brings readers awareness. Touching on the look of the eminent future, this novel seamlessly captures what India has been in the past, what state it is in the present and what will it become in the future — all contributing to the book’s ultimate goal to paint a picture of India that has a lasting impression on the readers’ minds.

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About the Author: 

Reincarnation of the Iron-Man is a novel by the emerging novelist, Ahnis Kosha, with glimpses of a few great characters in India’s ancient saga, thousands of years ago, and of certain patterns of its modern socio-politico-religious life. A number of recent significant occurrences have been portrayed in the framework of the psychological journey of a middle-class woman, Kamala, in New Delhi, from deep depression to her buoyant recovery.

Ahnis Kosha’s interests range across literature, religion, and spirituality. He has authored 21 books — poetry, fiction, plays, non-fiction, and translation or certain classics. He is now retired and lives with his wife in California. He is the founder and President of two organizations: (1) Multi-Consulting Services (MC’S) for providing consulting services in the areas of satellite and mobile telecommunications; and (2) General Education, Economics, and Technology Associates (GEETA), International Corp, a nonprofit organization for networking of people interested and involved in creative contributions to social and religious harmony.

Reincarnation of the Iron – Man * by Ahnis Kosha
Publication Date: March 14, 2014
Trade Paperback; £13.99; 354 pages; 9781493141975
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