JFH Unites With Yezidiska In Hindu-Yezidi Alliance

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Justice For Hindus has officially united with Yezidiska, a Swedish Yezidi human rights organization to help build an alliance between our two peoples for mutual benefit and to oppose the forces of Islam.  The Yezidi are a small religious group indigenous to Northern Iraq.  The Yezidi religion is not necessarily a branch of any other faith, but it does have similarities with Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity and ancient Mesopotamian religions.  They are currently under attack by ISIS who are killing and enslaving them in large numbers. There are an estimated 1 million Yezid in the world, the majority of who live in Iraq, but there are large diaspora in Germany, Russia, Syria, Georgia, Armenia, the Netherlands and Sweden.
Yezidiska members protest ISIS violence against Yezidi in Sweden

This alliance in unique for many reasons.  First, unlike many other Yezidi-Hindu initiatives, Yezidiska is an organization run by Yezidi peoples, rather than outside parties such as Templars or organization who do not officially align with Hinduism.  Also, while Yezidiska is looking to make a strong alliance with the Hindu people, they are not trying to impose their religion, meaning they do not wish to make unnecessary analogies which will ultimately lead to cultural conflict.  On the contrary, Yezidiska is interested in having the religion of the Yezidi revealed to the world in its true form so that people can come to know who the Yezidi are and what their message is really all about.  This is something that cannot be accomplished if the public are mislead by propaganda designed only for political expediency and not honesty.  Yezidiska wants there to be mutual respect and honesty between our two communities.

Yezidiska believes Yazdanism is a unique religion and want the truth about the Yezidi people to be told. They do not wish to have their religion manipulated for political purposes.

However, for the time being, the Yezidi need a voice in American and one which can tie this genuine Yezidi organization in with the Hindu community.  JFH has become an official emissary for Yezidiska in America.  Under the auspices of the Chair for Cultural activities, Mr. Amo Şamsi, we will be providing accurate information on the Yezidi at our human rights events and the political functions which we attend.  We will encourage Hindus to make donations through Yezidiska to help the Yezidi since they are a legitimate and honest charity. If necessary JFH will advocate for refugee status for the Yezidi in nations where they have large a diaspora, such as Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and the United States. We will also be helping Yezdiska spread information on the Yezidi religion through books and presentations.  Finally, we will be serving as an emissary to the organization in their Ezdistan project, a movement to restore the Yezidi spiritual empire and eventually regain their homeland.

Cultural Chair of Yezidiska, Mr. Amo Şamsi. Featured on the right, a commemorative Cola can advocating the existence of Ezdistan, a Yezidi spiritual and eventual physical empire

JFH is proud to be part of this initiative to help the Yezidi people in their struggle against Islam.  True alliances can only be forged with trust and honesty.  It is ok for Hindus and Yezidi to be different, we can still help each other in these dark times.  May our two great traditions and nations learn from one another and cooperate with mutual respect.  If you are a Yezidi in the United States or the diaspora who would like to get involved, please contact either Justice For Hindus or Yezidiska for more information. CONTACT info@justiceforhindus.org http://www.yezidiska.com/en/ http://www.yezidiska.com/en/contact-us/ Address: E-post:  yezidiska98@gmail.com  / malamezdia98@gmail.com Yezidish non-profit art in Norrkoping. Föreningens bankgironummer: 243-7333 Chairman Ali Mostoi 076-110 04 10 alimostoi@yahoo.se Secretary Ali Rasho 070-882 43 82 Alirasho98@gmail.com Sports, Culture Youth Treasurer Amar Ali 073-831 67 47 yezidistan@live.se Vice Chairman Amo Hassan 070-776 35 27 amoamar78@gmail.com