​About ‘Good’ & ‘Bad’ Muslims (or ‘good’ or ‘bad’ Talibans) – ​François Gautier


When one says that there is a war going on between #Islam and the democratic world, one is accused of being ‘anti-Muslim, or ‘Islamophobic’.

The common argument by ‘peace-loving’ human beings, in #India and elsewhere is: “there are so many good Muslims, how can you clamp together the tiny minority ‘bad’ Muslims and the majority ‘peace-loving ones’” ? One could answer ironically: “The way the #Pakistan Govt, (which created the #Taliban just released #Lakhvi’s), says there are ‘good’ Talibans (who attack #India) and ‘bad’ Talibans (who kill children after puberty #PeshawarAttack)”

But the true answer would be: “Well, the human mind is linear and it cannot think in shades, but only in terms of in black & white, good & bad or evil & saintly. Yet nothing is that simple in this world: what appears good, might be evil, what appears evil, might be actually better than we think.

Its also VERY true not only that there are many many good Muslims, but also that Islam has a sense of togetherness and a civic sense towards each fellow Muslim, that Hindus for instance, sorely lack.
It also may be a paradox, but the ‘bad’ Talibans and the ‘evil’ #ISIS, may actually be SINCERE people, for they apply the #Koran to the letter and they don’t think for a moment that they are doing evil.

Have you noticed for instance than when those dreaded terrorists are arrested, in Kashmir for instance, they often look like mere boys, not looking ‘evil’ at all? Bin Laden himself did not look like the Devil he was made to be by the Americans, but had a near mystical glow on his face. Islam also teaches good values – not drinking alcohol, not fornicating, giving alms and hospitality. How can you reconcile this to the fact that Islam has to be fought today because its actions are asuric?

Well for one, the #Koran was written more than 1400 years ago for a time and people, which were radically different from today and its edicts are often not only irrelevant to the modern world, but downright violent and terror-bound.

Then, the descendants of Babar & Aurangzeb have chosen, in the name of the Holy Koran, to blow themselves up near Shia mosques, kill children, rape or abduct young girls, ram airplanes full of innocent people on buildings full of innocent people…. They think that by doing so they are doing a service to Allah and that they will go to heaven after furthering the dream of a world converted to Islam. Not only the mullahs encourage them to do so, but the Muslim community in the word, feel that they are at least partly justified in their acts, because of imaginary injustices committed against Islam.

Everybody insists that #SamuelHuntington was wrong in his theory of clash of civilizations. But it is happening right NOW under our very eyes and it will happen more and more. But our Marxist intellectuals, both in India, but also in the #USA, under the guidance of #WendyDoniger, or #Witzel, or in France with #ChristopheJAffrelot, are still in a denial mode, which in itself is a death wish, or at best the attitude of cowards.

Thus, THE PROBLEM IS NOT WITH MUSLIMS, BUT WITH THE KORAN. Will the worldwide Muslim community, instead of feeling totally paranoiac, thinking that it is under attack everywhere, whether it is Palestine, Chechnya, Kashmir, or France, realize that it is actually Islam which is the aggressor all over the world, that Muslims who have settled in France or India, or the UK, and which these countries have sincerely accepted, giving them citizenship and the same rights as any French, Indian or German citizens, are actually biting the hand that fed them, like it just happened in #Australia ?

Muslims keep complaining they are unfairly targeted after each terrorist attack. But from a Hindu point point view, being reborn as a Muslim today is a collective karma, either because of past Muslim lives, or because of a past particular karma. Hence the sense of togetherness that every Muslim feels, whatever his or her nationality. THUS EVERY MUSLIS SHOULD FEEL RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERY ACT OF TERRORISM COMMMITTED IN THE WORLD IN THE NAME OF THE #KORAN. FURTHERMORE, THE WORLDWIDE MUSLIM COMMUNITY SHOULD COLLECTIVELY PROTEST AFTER EACH ACT OF TERROR. Islamic terror should bring a collective sense of guilt amongst all ‘good’ Muslims.

Otherwise, the harassment will continue. What started at airports could soon extend to railway stations, borders, shopping malls, even. Muslims will find it more and more difficult to rent or buy an apartment, to find schools for their children One day, it could very well be that anybody who looks like a Muslim will be regarded suspiciously in the streets. Muslims may then start to change their names and quietly stop going to mosques, so that they can find apartments and get schools for their children.

And ultimately the question is not about ‘good’ or ‘bad’ Muslims, but whether the mullahs of Islam will accept to sit down and reform the #Koran, which is a perfectly acceptable scripture for the Middle ages, when mentalities were very different, but which today still propagates an aggressive, exclusive, and dangerous zeal in its children

Francois Gautier

Source: francoisgautier.me

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