A rebuttal to Swapan Dasgupta article “Some in RSS Have Profound Distaste for PM” by Rahul Chandra


A rebuttal to Swapan Dasgupta article “Some in RSS Have Profound Distaste for PM” – Rahul Chandra



Swapan DasGupta’s article listed below doesn’t surprise me, it’s reflects the opportunist political authorship. There is no taste or distaste in RSS for any individual, RSS do have good taste  for an ideology which is good for Hindus and there is no doubt that PM Narendra Modi’s ideology is in sync with RSS. In nearly all his speeches in India and abroad PM Narendra Modi has widely brought honor and dignity to global Hindu cause. Whether it’s wishing Happy Navaratri at Madison Square Garden (where I had the privilege to hear him personally in media section) or bringing Yoga at worldwide stage. The article reflects the desire of Islamists, Communists and Evangelical groups are trying to isolate PM Narendra Modi from RSS as their last effort towards creating rift between RSS factions. PM Narendra Modi was himself an RSS Pracharak before you or author started authorship and is very well aware of RSS philosophical programs. He has successfully assisted RSS programs in Gujarat. PM Narendra Modi is also well aware of the fact that it’s were RSS, its affiliated organizations and non RSS Hindu organization workers who spent millions of hours online, in person campaign in support of Indian PM during Lok Sabha 2014 elections.


On authors note that PM Narendra Modi call for restraint also went out to the wider Sangh Parivaar at the same time is totally absurd. PM Narendra Modi is against usage of non -standard public speeches and expects dignity for all. On Sangh Parivaar note, I would like to apprise you that Sangh Parivaar has been vocalizing Hindu cause since past seven decades and will continue doing so irrespective of any political interference.  What author considers as ‘loose talk’, for Hindus it’s the talk Hindus waited for eight hundred years to listen. Today we can write and publish openly because of so called ‘loose talks’, otherwise long before we would have been working in Ghettos of Islamic state. The mainstream media in India is now deliberately targeting BJP MLA’s and MP’s to create pressure atmosphere as prevention tactic for Hindu empowerment.


On authors note of of Vishwa Hindu Parishad  and its controversial programmers is very shortsighted.  For the author, Ghar Wapasi is controversial and readers are shocked that NDTV introduce you as a right-wing inclination author. The article sounds more far Leftists than right-wing. For Indian media any activity that leads to Hindu empowerment is ‘controversial’ as its being ideologically guided and funded by pro Islamists and pro Leftists individuals. The same Indian media which was vehemently spitting venom for Indian PM six months ago is now trying to create a rift between RSS and PM by publishing non sense articles.  For Indians Narendra Modi is for good governance and development, for the enlightened Hindus Narendra Modi represents Hindutva icon at 7 Race course.


If Vishwa Hindu Parishad would not have been in place, India would have long become a communist – Islamist colony correctly figured in Rajiv Malhotra book “Being Different” with facts and figures. For the author Vishwa Hindu Parishad programs may sound controversial, for Hindus Vishwa Hindu Parishad program is for preservation, protection and sustenance of Hindu Dharma. VHP now operates in 33000 villages in India and 35 countries. One has to explore VHP end to end to appreciate the great work it do for Hindus. Without Dharma – politics is shell without core.

On the authors note of PM Modi is today the acknowledged leader of the wider Parivaar, equaling RSS chief Mohan Rao Bhagwat in stature” – In RSS all workers are of equal stature. BJP as a political party was formed when it was realized that mere social empowerment won’t help Hindus, political empowerment is equally important. Hindus rely on BJP for their community solutions and Hindus elect BJP for political empowerment of Hindus.


I appreciate authors comment on exposing Christian missionary conversion work in his article.  On the note of The origins of this hostility date back to Modi’s years as Gujarat Chief Minister when, for all practical purposes, he made the VHP irrelevant” A disagreement indeed, VHP was never irrelevant, in Gujarat Modi empowered Hindus, some weeks ago I interviewed a Valsad based social worker who said that PM Modi very well understands the requirements of Hindus and under his tenure the Gujarat Govt. supported NGO’s that were empowering Hindus. VHP has its own programs and they were there when PM was Gujarat CM. In fact many programs under VHP scope were successfully completed with active support from PM Modi say that Valsad based social worker.


On the note of “There is a feeling in government circles …..relationship with Modi.” Again it reflects the ignorance in work functioning of VHP and BJP. Dr. Pravin Togadia is leader of VHP and has always said that VHP offers support to candidates that further Hindu cause and PM Modi has furthered Hindu cause, as a result millions of VHP workers worked day and night during 2014 Lok Sabha elections eventually leading to PM Modi victory in India and abroad.

PM Modi no appeasement policy for Muslims and development for all is a living proof of his vision and mission. Hindus of Bharat do need luminary like Dr. Pravin Togadia and visionary Hindu like PM Modi at social and political levels. By mentioning Dr. Pravin Togadia and generalizing it with VHP is again a leftist gambit to derail VHP support for PM Modi, which will never realize.


On the author’s note of manipulation of Hindu groups by BJP political opponents is again an immature writes up. If you see Dr. Mahesh Mehta’s interview @ Hindu Talk Show, he finely mentions that if small non RSS Hindu outfits are fulfilling requirement of Hindus in areas where RSS can’t dedicate resources, there is nothing wrong in that. Consider this you are travelling in Delhi – Mumbai superfast express for travelling between metros, but if you want to travel intercity or intrastate where superfast express isn’t available, you do have some local trains. By undermining the intellectual ability of small non RSS Hindu organizations and considering them as objects of “manipulation” sounds absurd.  Today both RSS and non RSS Hindu organizations are well aware of each other’s programs and they respect each other work. I am not sure if the author has attended World Hindu Congress 2014 or Hindu Janjagruti Samiti’s conventions where you see representatives from both RSS and non RSS Hindu groups working in sync for Hindu empowerment.


On the author’s note of “the Hindu Mahasabha, for example, is today merely a letterhead that can be used or misused by anyone………… Nathuram Godse made the front pages of many newspapers and was the subject of TV talk shows” is again non sense. Hindu Mahasabha is not a merely letterhead organization, the work which Hindu Mahasabha requires guts and brave heart and Hindu Mahasabha is operated by well-read intellectuals who are not subject to be misused as tool for political gambits.

Lastly “The BJP and the Modi Government will …. Of Parliament isn’t going to be carried over into the Budget session”  The best “effective” way for The BJP and the Modi Government is to start implementing Hindu requirements at political level and ignore opposition standoff. I am sure that if The BJP and the Modi Government implements even fifty percent of Hindu requirements, 2019 elections will be for Mission – 542 as it’ were Hindus and Hindus who voted and worked hard for the BJP and the Modi Government in 2014. Recent Kashmir Valley election result is proof to the fact that in spite of all development and good governance, non-Hindus will not cast a single vote for BJP now or ever. As said by VHP president Ashok Singhal “After long 800 years Delhi is now in the safe hands of Hindu nationalist”  . On conversion row, BJP should bring a robust anti Conversion law in Lok Sabha and implement it as law across country without any further delay for the benefit of BJP, India and Hindus. More the Hindu votes in any geography, more prospects are there for BJP to emerge victorious for it’s own sustainability in India.


Rahul Chandra

Rahul Chandra


Rahul Chandra is Houston, Texas based Indian-American researcher, speaker and writer on global Hindu empowerment and brings more than a decade of experience in working for Hindu organizations at social, religious and political levels. He is a member of World Hindu News editorial board and WHN bureau chief of North American region. For more than a decade, he has been reporting, developing and publishing news & press releases for US and Indian Hindu organizations. More Bio..

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