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Issue: #1 January 2015
Memorandum of Understanding
International Yoga Conference
ICCS Conference

The New Edition of Hindu Deities Book –
“Significance of Hindu Deities” an excellent booklet of 20 colorful pages is available in English & Hindi versions.
to see the PDF copy of the book

Temples, schools,

Bal-vihars, Bal-gokulams,

Churches and all are invited to contact HUA and get their copy for

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The harder the struggle, 
the more glorious the triumph. 
Self-realization demands very great struggle.
– Swami Sivananda

Live as if you were to die tomorrow.
Learn as if you were to live forever.
– Mahatma Gandhi

Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the 
secret of success.
– Swami Sivananda

“Hindu Temples in North America – A Celebration of Life” 
 A beautiful book dedicated to all those who so valiantly left the shores of India to start a new life in a land that was foreign to them. All these magnificent temples stand as a monument to them.

The book is written by Mahalingum Kolapen. Photography by Sanjay Kolapen. It is a Hardback copy with Dust Jacket. Glossy finish. Photos on every page. 


Temples, schools,

Bal-vihars and


Churches and all are invited to contact HUA and get their copy for

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“New Year arrives with hopes and it gives us new courage and belief for a very new start.”
From everyone here at Hindu University of America we Wish You and Your Family a Very Happy & Prosperous New Year!

HUA is very pleased to welcome our new Master’s & Doctoral Students.  We appreciate all the intellectual and creative vitality each student brings with them. We look forward for a great academic year!
A Warm Welcome  to –
Ms. Beena Sharma (USA)
Ms. Genoveva Uriz (Nepal)
Mr. Ramanand (USA)
Ms. Nutan Ragoobir (Trinidad)
From Ramakrishna Center of South Africa –
Mr. Manikam Singaram
Ms. Niriksha Singh
Mr. Vijaynand Mohanlal

HUA’s most essential element is it’s faculty. A group of strong, highly skilled vedantis who have years of experience in their chosen field.  
We extend our warm welcome to our Honorary Adjunct Faculty –
Dr. Chitharanjan Rao (India)
Dr. R.N. Tripathi (India)
Ms. Renuka Karandikar (Nagpur)
Mr. Tanmay Bhole (Nasik)
From Ramakrishna Center of South Africa –
Swami Saradaprabhananda
Ms. Veena Singaram

Memorandum of Understanding
A memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed between Hindu University of America and Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research (SACAR) on Dec 29, 2014. SACAR was incorporated in India, devoted to true and living education, of endless search for truth and its progressive manifestation and creative expression, based at 39, Vanniar Street, Vaithikuppam, Pondicherry, 605 012, India. 

Vastu Green Building Certificate Course
Vastu Green Building Institute, Fairfield, USA (VGBI) in conjunction with Hindu University of America, conducted a Vastu Green Building Certificate course in Ahmedabad, India – Nov 10 to Dec 10, 2014. The course concentrates on how to design a building with Vastu knowledge and Green building concepts to connect individual intelligence with cosmic intelligence. The course was successfully completed and a ceremony was held on Dec 10, 2014 to give the certificate of completion to the students.  To learn more about VGBI please visit www.vgbs-vastu.com
Architect Tejas Mojitra, showing true north with GPS insrument to GV class

Architect Tejas Mojitra, showing true north with GPS insrument to GV class

Review from VGBI Student
Shri. Deepak Bakshi, I’m grateful to you for making me learn Basics of Sthapathi Shastra in perfect chronological,simple way. Before joining the Class i had many if’s & but’s, but you have so nicely formatted the course that it was very easy to gain knowledge. Above all, your friendly conservative way of explaining Vastu shastra made it very interesting and simple for us to understand the subject to the core. The Notes given on Vastu shastra were very comprehensive. We wish to see you often in India, educating more and more people with your precious knowledge. I’m also thankful to Hindu University Of America, special thanks to Mr. Abhinav Dwivedi,for his opening remarks at starting of the course. I’m also thankful to Mr.Shridhar bhai Vyas for his meticulous, precise planning and organizing the classes.

– Mr. Nayan Yagnik

Student, VGBI Course

Mr. Deepak Bakshi (Vedic Architect) giving lecture on Green Vastu

International Yoga Conference
Hindu University of America, Paramanand University Trust and Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences & Research are jointly organizing the 3rd International Yoga Therapy Conference & Festival on February 7– 8, 2015 at Nehru Stadium, Indore, India. For information about the program agenda please click here.

ICCS Conference 2015
5th International Conference and Gathering of the Elders from 31st Janto 5th Feb 2015 at Mysore, India.   Website:  www.iccsus.org gives you more information on  ICCS activities. Theme of the 5th International Conference is “Universal well-being – Sustaining Nature, Culture and Communities”. Visit at www.iccsglobal.org

Source: Hindu University of America