Miltsar De Iindia – A Mission to ensure that each child reads Bhagwad Gita

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April-May, 2015


SHRIMAD BAHGWAD GITA AKH ANUBHAV        “Reaching a billion Soul’s”                                        

A Mission to ensure that each child reads Bhagwad Gita irrespective of caste, creed or any barrier of religion!

Respected dear Sir/Mam,

This gives us immense happiness that Miltsar has E- RELEASED aforesaid musical work that was recorded and filmed in NCR, on 24th of May at Sri Sathya Sai International Auditorium Lodhi Road New Delhi.. On the occasion a scintillating show of Kashmiri Pandit and global children who gave magical performances of Krishn Leelas, Shiv, Ganesh, Saraswati Leelas mesmerized the audience present. The recent revelation of Prime Minister Modi ji’s love for Gita ji is very much visible and with the advent of new age and new world order the need of the hour that cultural heritage of India need to be preserved. With newest means of preserving it we have taken this as a commitment to reach to every child in our reach all over India and world over in each country. 

Each department was handled by highly talented children be it performances or any technical department. First of its kind the highly professional E RELEASE of Bhagwad Gita in Kashmiri was a treat to watch as elderly members present demonstrated the extending of scriptural treasure by blessings young children by giving them a copy of Gita ji. Little children standing on the opposite side came forward to receive blessings and offered roses as a mark of respect and love from elderly. Every single performance was hailed with big applause and audience too joined when our star singers chanted Hare Krishn Mahamantra. This is seen as the emergence of a new avatar of the displaced community.

The E RELEASE will continue with a chain of programmes to follow in each society, Muhalla, cities across the country and abroad too or wherever the groups will be invited to share the scriptural treasure of India. Shri S.K.Sadhoo ji who translated the select Gita verses and Dalip Langoo sang and musically directed it, Manav Saproo filmed it. The participation of Children from Vishwa Bharti Public school too is praiseworthy. This came up in the shape of a music album that will be posted to email addresses of whosoever asks for it. Coming Janmashtami in September its DVD’s (Audio Video) will also be available on request. Desirous members will be given this collection free of cost online. Apart from its vast campaign globally through social media the participation of 16000 children will be completed by December 21st this year and on the eve of Gita Jayanti a special program will be held in New Delhi to E RELEASE its Hindi version. This movement of extending scriptural Gyan (knowledge) was started from previous years Gita Jayanti in which children from across the globe took part and as on date we have inputs from 16 countries. Children have sent us two and four liners of Gita ji in more than a dozen of languages. This global movement will continue till it achieves its aim of reaching to a BILLION SOULS. The highly talented children were honoured by certificate of appreciation on the occasion. 

The slogan by Divyansh Langoo reaching to a billion souls has a lot to address in the days to come thus we appeal the global Diaspora to look into this message that each global child deserves to go through the rich scriptural treasure that India has gifted to mankind from time to time. If this is achieved the entire world will see a different outlook and a meaningful way of life. The event was concluded with a message from the collection Shrimad Bhagwad Gita Akh Anubhaw through the number Aasuri Swabhaav (Evil Nature) that evil natured has no option but to surrender to lord because indulging in violence means that one ensures his place in hell and there is no forgiveness for evil acts but punishment. The initiative is also meant to offer to the world a peace initiative from a displaced community to the rest of the world to ensure violence free human society that should go shoulder to shoulder in achieving the best for mankind so that there are no more evil around. Best of the understanding among diverse communities all over the world should prevail and let world move towards achieving righteous path else getting stuck in the mass destruction and deteriorating world order. Let new world order reflect its righteous form and let it demonstrate its VIRAT SWAROOPA (Vast unbounded Form) so that EVIL is either punished or has no place to exist over this globe. 

The organisers thanked all the organisation, individuals that supported this event and guests among whom some guests had come from abroad as well to watch the Release event. Children who managed this event too were praised for their role. Be good to all, Aahee the best wishes!

Thanks and Regards                                                                                                                                 24th May 2015 

Event Director                                                                                                                                         New Delhi

Divyansh Langoo 

APPLE Programme; 2. Lalitaditya Peace Foundation Trust 3. Miltsar De India 4. Kashir Pathshala                                                                                           

Let us spread and share Miltsar the compassion among all and be blessed!

Source: Whn Media Network