India World Geopolitics – A Special Analytical Report by Indian American Intellectuals Forum

Screenshot(186)India World Geopolitics – A Special Analytical Report by Indian
American Intellectuals Forum

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Enclosed herewith a special Analytical Report  prepared by a team of Indian American Intellectuals Forum headed by its Vice President Pabitra Chaudhuri.

In this report  (40 pages) we have collected articles written by prominent intellectuals, thinkers and activists  on the following subjects:

(a)     Fate of Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Jammu and Kashmir;

(b)     Horrendous hypocrisy  and diabolical duplicity and dishonesty of Indian Media – print as well as electronic – most of which is owned by anti-Hindu  forces and manned by Far Left guys trained in JNU and other universities to denigrate, demonize and slander Hindu nation and tarnish the image of India;

(c)     Media’s sinister  silence on destruction of Hindu temples in Jammu and Kashmir and Bangladesh;

(d)     Kidnapping of Hindu girls and their forcible conversion to Islam in Pakistan;

(e)     Ethnic cleansing of Hindus  in Bangladesh and its impact on West Bengal;

(f)      Hindus should wake up, unite and push anti-Dharmic people into irrelevance;

(g)     Seven years of Hindu persecution in West Bengal;

(h)     Silence of US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) on rape, murder, loot, killing and conversion of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh;

(i)       Terrifying:  Poll on American Muslims;

(j)       West Bengal under Islamic seize;

(k)     Why Hindus want to backstab their own people – a Psychoanalytic perspective;

(l)       The  nefarious activities of Far Left groups and celebrities masquerading as secularists and human rights activists in support of anti-Hindu, anti-India terrorists;

(m)   Fast spreading Wahhabi tentacles in India;

(n)     Needed brave, bold men with vigor in their blood, nerves of steel, not softening namby-pamby ideas;

(o)     Aryan Invasion of India the biggest lie propagated by Leftists Historians;

(p)     Defining Hindutva;

(q)     Penetration of Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation in Indian establishment without government oversight;

We request you to save this report, circulate to your E-Mail list , if not inconvenient , and read it at your convenience.

Narain Kataria        Arish Sahani                    Pabitra Chaudhuri
President                 Senior Vice President    Vice President

Source: WHN Media Network