Interview of Tapan Ghosh, Founder Hindu Samhati, with Ashok Vyas, Program Director of ITV

Enclosed herewith please find a video link of  conversation of  Shri Tapan Kumar Ghosh, Founder Hindu Samhati,  with Ashok Vyas, Program Director of ITV,  who was on a visit to USA.


In his conversation Shri Tapan Ghosh, inter alia,  says that family planning in India is being enforced  only on Hindus. Social workers do not go in Muslim areas because they are afraid that they might  be attacked and  killed by radical Islamists.  That is one of the reason as to why Hindu population in India  is decreasing day by day, emphasizes Shri Ghosh. 

Chiding Indian politicians for their duplicity and hypocrisy, he further says that most of the political leaders advise only Hindus to maintain pluralism and secularism in India but no one asks Muslims in Lal Chowk, Srinagar to do the same!

Please listen to complete Video (30 minutes)

Source: World Hindu News (WHN)