Hindus Must Reclaim the Lost Freedom to Manage their Temples


UNITED STATES, October 24, 2015 (Save Temples): Freedom to express, freedom to think, freedom to action and freedom to manage one’s affair is the fundamental right of any human being. Let us refresh our memories about the construction of Hindu Temples and the people who built them. Was it government that has built these temples? Was it government that donated the land for temple maintenance, and for priestly services, and donated the jewelry? Absolutely resounding ‘NO.’ The governments have not built any of these Temples.

Instead of playing the role of a caretaker or custodian, they started controlling the temples as if it is their own property to dispose of the assets at its will. They claimed all the rights to control, passed all the laws to dismantle and issued any number of Government Orders (GO’s) to dispose of the Temple properties. What right do they have to control these temples, in the collection and distribution of funds, management of the temple lands, rental of the temple lands, encroachment of lands, disposal of jewelry, appointment of the priests, appointment of the administration, qualification of the administrators, interfere with the rituals and sacred structures, and host of other areas.

Source: Hinduism Today