Petition requesting the Indian Prime Minister, Chief Minister of States to Ban Beef

Cow has been given a place equivalent to a Mother , like a mother she is a Giver not only milk is vital to human’s health but her dung and urine is also useful .

People say ‘only dried up cows are slaughtered’ ,would you slaughter your mother once she doesn’t feed you anymore?

Cow is the only animal whose every product is useful for creation. Cow dung is used as a manure for the soil in cultivation. Cows urine has medicinal and anti cancer properties and is used in the soil for anti-termite properties. Cow milk is nourishment par excellence.

Lets check the scientific reasons for banning beef –

Ancient texts tell us and modern science confirms that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

However, all the hazards are stored in its meat and he who eats them breeds a host of diseases.

  • Beef contains significant quantities of the most toxic organic chemical known – dioxin. This chemical is toxic even in the pictogram quantities also (one million millionth of a gram). Dioxin has been linked to cancer, endometriosis, Attention Deficit Disorder (hyperactivity in children), reproductive systems defects in children, chronic fatigue syndrome, immune system deficiency,and rare nerve and blood disorders. Just a 100 gm Beef contains up to 100 picograms of dioxin. That is 300 times as much as the EPA says is “acceptable” for a daily dose for an adult!
  • Beef can harbor a deadly new germ, called e. coli O157:H7. This new germ is now a major cause of serious food poisoning.
  • MAD COW Disease is a lethal Disease which affects the Central Nervous System and is spread by infected Cattle. There is no cure for this disease and death is Certain.
  • Beef is also toxic to the Liver also and causes Liver damage.
  • Beef increases the incidence of Type II diabetes.
  • Lot of Dyes and coloring agents which contain Nitrites are added to beef at the meat counter to make it look healthy. These when they reach the intestine break down to form Nitrosamines which are cancer promoting substances and incidence of Colon cancer is higher in regular beef eaters.

COW is not just another animal , She is a GIVER ,hence worthy of worship.All of us share an emotional bond with her.Please # BAN BEEFin India !

Prime Minister
Chief Minister of States
# Ban Beef