World Hindu News is bringing awakening among Hindus: G V Chelvapilla


After a long time, at present time there is awakening among Hindus. Many individuals and organizations were involved in bringing making this happen. You are certainly one of them. Considering the forces arrayed against Hinduism , the very survival was doubtful not too long back. Fortunately thanks to our soldiers and saints this catastrophe was avoided.

Time has now come for resurgence and renaissance of ageless Dharma now known as Hindu so that once again humanity will be best served. Our mandate is not aggression or domination for exploitation but to make the world noble. Needless to say in order to bring that change , we should become that change. In this task associated with World Hindu News either as a reader or publisher will be very useful as well as relatively easy.


Best wishes,

 G V Chelvapilla


date: Thu, Nov 5, 2015 at 5:28 AM
subject: Letter of appreciation