“​Hinduism is a liberation” ​Deepak Dayaram Ghindwani

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My name is ​​Deepak Dayaram Ghindwani and I live in Bali Indonesia

My parents moved to Indonesia in 1947 from Sindh as a victim of the India-Pakistan partition.

Brought up as a Hindu but without access to the knowledge and books on Hinduism, it makes me just a Hindu by label. I began to search deeper with the help of Balinese Hindus some years ago and it is really fascinating. It took me really long to understand, once I got it, it is so refreshing.

Hindu is an ocean, it a source of knowledge to face the world and to stand firm in the differences and in the dynamism of the world.

I feel that understanding Hinduism is liberating me from the mainstream perspective of God that is very dogmatic.

I believe that Hinduism should be included in school curriculum specially in India. The spirit of Hinduism will unite all countries in south Asia to be ​Bharat again.


Source: World Hindu News (WHN)