Message from Sadhguru – Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy

On the occasion of the release of the much-awaited book, Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy,  following is a message from Sadhguru:

Dear Reader,

After an overwhelming experience that transcended all that I knew as life and left me dripping in nameless ecstasies over three decades ago, the sight of anyone on the street in a state of misery would disturb me deeply. I couldn’t understand why any human being should be unhappy when the source of limitless joy lies right within us. I decided it was my mission to enlighten the world. Years later, I’ve grown wiser. I know now that people are often unhappy because they are invested in their own unhappiness.

Hence I developed simple tools for self-transformation.

And that’s how this book happened. Inner Engineering is not an academic treatise or a self-help manual. It offers a combination that I have never attempted before in any previous book: a mix of perspective and practice, of explanation and experiment, of insight and the chance to test every hypothesis in the laboratory of life. This makes it unique.

The end-result is a reminder of the power and profundity of yoga – not as acrobatics or metaphysics, but as an empirical science that makes you the master of your own destiny, the architect of your own inner bliss. In short, this book is a road-map to joy – an invitation to each one of you to turn from an armchair reader into a dynamic participant on an ecstatic journey inward.

Fasten your seat-belts and let the adventure begin!

Joy to you,


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