Bengaluru: Special Darshan at Tirupati for Seniors and Physically Challenged

BENGALURU, INDIA, February 24, 2017 (Deccan Chronicle): There is good news for senior citizens and differently-abled people who visit Tirumala for darshan of the Lord Venkateshwara. They can now have the darshan without having to wait in long queues and going through the jostling. They can just get in and have the darshan. They have to report two hours before the darshan time, with age proof (65 years and above) ID cards and relevant medical certificates. There are two time slots fixed – one at 10 am and another at 3 pm.

At the time of the darshan for these groups, all other queues are stopped, and darshan for only senior citizens and the differently-abled is allowed to ensure that there is no crowd pressure. The entire darshan will take just 30 minutes. Devotees who avail of the darshan under the scheme cannot avail of it for another 90 days.

Source: Hinduism Today