Those who coined ‘Hindutva Terror’ have sinned: Indresh Kumar

KOLKATA: The people who coined the word “Hindutva terror“ have committed a “sin“, an “unpardonable act and they have to pay a price for this“, said Indresh Kumar, the Margdarshak of Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) of the RSS. Indresh Kumar’s name featured in the charge sheet submitted in connection with the Ajmer Darga Blast in 2007, in which at least three people were killed and more than a dozen were injured .

With the acquittal of Swami Aseemananda, his name has also been cleared of all charges. However, the top leader of RSS claims that there had been no case against him and that his name was not in the FIRs lodged. In a telephonic interaction with the ET, the senior RSS Pracharak said, “Congress always wanted to malign RSS.And, for this, they wanted to frame many of the RSS Pracharaks in the case. They wanted to restrict my work towards our minority brothers. That is why they tried to frame me in the case.“

Commenting on Hindutva terrorism, he said, “This is a sin they have committed by coining the word Hindutva terror.Now, with the acquittal, this is falling flat. Several times they used the words ­saffron terrorism. Who they are trying to attack by these words? It is their own country. They have insulted the nation, the humanity and the soil. It is a sin and it is unpardonable.“

“With this case, Congress made an effort to pitch the Muslims against RSS“, he further added. Blaming the media for carrying his name in discussions about the case, he said, “My name was not there in the case. There were several FIRs lodged in this case. And none of these FIRs carried my name in it. Moreover, there is no evidence against me. How did the investigating agency mention my name in the charge sheet? It was politically motivated and they misused the National Investigation Agency.“
However, the veteran Pracharak said that he was not mulling any immediate legal action against the “conspirators“. “I do not need to do anything against the conspirators.One can see, that time, situation and circumstance are not with them. One can see their condition in the recent election results“, he told ET.