RSS-ABPS 2017 Sarkaryavah Annual Report



By Maananeeya Sarkaryawah Sri Sureshji ( Bhaiyyaji) Joshi at ABPS, Coimbatore

Param Poojaniya Sarsanghchalak ji, All India office-bearers, members of the Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (ABKM), invitee members and special invitee members, all the delegates of the Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha (ABPS) and honorable invitee sisters and brothers engaged in various activities in different fields of our national life, I heartily welcome you all to this ABPS.


Being organized in the premises sanctified by the pious presence of revered Mata Amrithanandamayee, we will be bestowed with the blessings of revered Mataji, and we will surely be experiencing the pure bliss in this atmosphere.

We also express our gratitude towards all revered Swamiji and others who are busy in making arrangements for the flawless conduct of our ABPS.


In the meantime, we lost many a close associate, and distinguished persons who had been in our midst until recently. Sri K Suryanarayana Rao was one amongst them whose guidance always benefitted us. Besides many such persons who had immensely contributed to social cause through their hard work by dedicating their genius, wisdom and abilities to their life mission. For, example, (1) Sri M C Jayadava, former Khsetra Pracharak of Daxin-Madhya Kshetra, (2) Sri Rambhau Haldekar, former Kshetra Pracharak, Daxin-Purva Kshetra, (3) Sri Pravinbhai Maniyar, former Prant Karyawah, Gujarat, (4) Sri N A Bhaskar Rao, Prant Karyawah, Andhra Pradesh, (5) Sri Kamlakar Dongaonkar, former Prant Pracharak, Mahakoshal Prant, (6) Dr Bhai Mahavir, former Governor, (7) Sri Sundarlal Patwa, former Chief Minister, Madhya Pradesh, (8) Sri Ram Naresh Yadav, former CM, Uttar Pradesh, (9) Shrimati Jayawantiben Mehta, former Union Minister, (10) Shrimati Shashikala Kakodkar, first woman CM, Goa, (11) Ku. J Jayalalithaa, CM, Tamil Nadu, (12) Sri Surjit Singh Barnala, former CM, Punjab, (13) Sri Jambuvantrao Dhote, Vidarbhaveer, (14) Pujaniya Sri Radhasarveshwarsharan Devacharya Shri Shriji Maharaj, Acharya of Nimbark Peeth, (15) Pujya Swami Sompuriji Maharaj, (16) Pujaniya Swami Nirmalanandgiri Maharaj, Vedic Scholar and Ayurvedic practitioner, (17) Sri M S Subramnyam Nambuthiri, Chief Priest of Manarashala Mandir, (18) Sri G Vasudevan Nambuthiri, Head Priest of Manarshala Mandir, (19) Srimati Nirmalatai Athavale, Swadhyaya Parivar, (20) Sri Joginder Singh, former CBI Director, (21) Sri M G K Menon, former ISRO Chairman and Physicist, (22) Sri M Balamuralikrishnan , famous classical musician, (23) Sri Dilip Padgaonkar, Senior Journalist, Editorial Advisor of Times of India, (24) Sri Cho Ramaswamy, Editor of Tamil weekly, Tughlaq, (25) Sri Altamas Kabir, former CJI, (26) Sri V P Ramakrishna Pillai, Senior RSP leader, (27) Sri P Vishwambharan, Socialist leader of Kerala, (28) Sri Om Puri, famous actor and thespian, (29) Sri Vishnu, Sri Anilkumar, Sri Radhakrishnan, Sri Santosh, Sri A Ravindranath and Smt. Vimala – all victims of Communist violence in Kerala, (30) Sri Tushar Rai and Shri Sonu Chavan, both Vistarakswho were drowned.

We mourn the passing away of all those who lost their lives in accidents and natural calamities; who sacrificed their lives in the border skirmishes, and those who were made the victims of violence due to political intolerance.

The ABPS pays homage to all such departed souls and pray for their eternal peace besides expressing deep condolences towards their family members. May the God Almighty give ‘Sadgati’to the departed souls.

OM Shanti! Shanti!!  Shanti !!!


Sangh Shiksha Varg and Prathmik Shiksha Varg held in 2016-17

Total Sangh Shiksha Varg (SSV): 93

Year Places Number of participants
First 10204 17500
Second 3050 4130
Third 867 973
First (Special) 1309 1891
Second (Special) 1127 1527
Prathmik Shiksha Varg (PSV):
2015-16 2016-17
Total Camps 961 1059
Shakhas Represented 32233 29127
Number of participants 112520 104256

Report on Shakhas:

As compared to last year, this year the number of Shakhas in the entire country has gone up to 57233 at 36693 places. The work is going on at 59136 places including shakha, weekly Milan, and Sangh Mandli taken altogether.

Year Places Shakha Milan Mandali
2017 36693 57233 14650 7790
2016 36867 56569 13784 8226

Tour of P. P. Sarsanghchalak ji:

This year it was planned that P P Sarsanghchalak ji would seek audience with prominent personalities from all walks of life. They included prominent sants, persons from social, religious, educational, business and industry, agriculture, justice and arts besides those working in administration and retired officers. The meetings were held one-on-one, or in groups or by paying visits to their families.

Prominent amongst those were revered Swami Suprakashanand ji of Ramakrishan Mutt, Vrindavan, Sri Rameshbaba ji of Vrindavan, Swami Pragyananand of Puri, Sri Umeshnath Yogi of Valmikidham, Ujjain, and revered Mahant Swami of Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayana Sect.

Sarsanghchalak ji also met Sri Pratap Reddy of Apollo Hospital of Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad), Mohan Reddy of Infotech, Padmashree T V Narayanan and Sri Raju of Nagarajuna Group. Padmavibhushan Ratan Tata visited the Nagpur Sangh Karyalaya and met Sarsanghchalak ji. In Gujarat, Vasada State Maharaja Sri Digvijendra, Sanjay Lalbhai of Arvind Group and Karsanbhai Patel of Nirma Group called on Dr Bhagwat. He had the opportunity to meet and enjoy the classical Dhrupad music from Gundecha brothers and their colleagues in Ujjain.

During his Odisha tour, Sarsanghchalakji visited Khinda village near Sambalpur where famous freedom fighter Surendra Sai who was martyred on 28thFeb 1884 in the Asirgarh fort where he was incarcerated by the British. P P Sarsanghchalakji met with his descendants on the occasion of the martyr’s birth anniversary.

During his tour of all the 11 Kshetras, special programs were also arranged in addition to regular organizational work, and meetings of karyakartas. Notable amongst such programs are ‘Arun Chetna’ Sammelan and Indigenous Faith Leaders’ Meet held in Itanagar, the capital of Arunachal Pradesh, ‘Shankhnaad’ in Jammu, district congregation in Thirunelveli in Tamil Nadu, ‘Nagar Sanghik’ in Jamshedpur and ‘Sanghik’ of Professional youth in Bhagyanagar. The ‘Gana Samata’ in Nagpur Mahanagar and Vibhag Congregation in Bhilwara also need mention in this list.

Besides these, meeting of CAs in Nagpur, Yuva Sewa Karyakarta meeting, felicitation of sportspersons in Vidarbha organized by Krida Bharati in Nagpur, Veer Mata Samman organized by Vishwa Mangalya Sabha, gathering of lecturers in Agra and gathering of newly-wed couples by Kutumb Prabodhan also deserve mention as special programs.

Tour of Mananiya Sarkaryawah ji

During the tour of Mananiya Sarkaryawahji in 2016-17, besides organizational meetings, some programs were held by Sampark Vibhag, Dharmajagarana Samanvay Vibhag etc. which warrant special mention.

  1. Interaction with young entrepreneurs was arranged in Mumbai. A total of 57 young entrepreneurs were present. The interaction revealed that they had been curious to know and understand the RSS. Monthly get together is conducted since last year.
  1. Two programs of interaction with intellectuals and doctors were held in one ‘Bhag’ of Nagpur Mahanagar. The attendance was 136 intellectuals and 142 doctors respectively.
  2. A meeting of activists engaged in ‘Samrasata’ activities in block levels in Muraina Vibhag of Madhya Bharat Prant was held in which 3623 karyakartas from 333 villages and 1706 karyakartas from 99 urban slums were present.
  3. In Chennai, 102 intellectuals participated in the seminar. Meetings were arranged according to different activities and liking. The participants gave positive indications to share the responsibilities in future.
  4. A Study group of karyakartas involved in Dharma Raksha Samiti activities in rural and urban centers of Malwa Prant was held under the auspices of Dharmajagarana Samanvay Vibhag. This was attended by 3593 karyakartas coming from 938 places.
  1. A seminar on “Changing Scenario of Cities with reference to RSS work” was organized at Indore in which 42 intellectuals participated.

Vibhag-wise Reporting

(1) Sharirik Vibhag: This year​​Akhil Bharatiya Sharirik Varg was organized inNovember 2016 at Bhusaval in Devgiri Prant. 403 karyakartas from all the 42 Prants participated. P P Sarsanghchalak Mohanrao Bhagwat ji and Sarkaryawah Sri Bhayyaji Jodhi were present to guide the participants.

(2) Bouddhik Vibhag: This year training workshops for activists of Bouddhik Vibhag were held in 33 Prants with a total participation of 1483. Five training camps were held for selected activists attended by 311. 24 Prants have decided to implement ‘Bouddhik Yojana’ as per different age groups. Separate ‘Bauddhik Pustika’ is published in six Prants.

(3) Sewa Vibhag: Almost after a decade gap, a three-day study-group meeting of Prant Sewa Pramukhs was held at Kanyakumari. P P Sarsanghchalakji and Mananiya Sah-Sarkaryawah Sri Dattatreya Hosabale ji provided the much needed guidance to the participants. There are around 6000 service projects being conducted in Kanyakumari district. The participants visited those projects after the camp and enjoyed the visits notwithstanding the language difficulties.

(4) Prachar Vibhag:Prachar Vibhag conducted the following programs in the year under review.

Narad Jayanti: A total of 187 programs were held on ‘Narad Jayanti’ to felicitate 756 journalists. These programs were attended by 20183 citizens and 6137 scribes. Sale of literature: 6.17 lakh books worth Rs. 1.40 crore were sold by 31622 karyakartas in 38 prants.

The Jagarana Patrikareaches to 35 percent villages. The Vishwa Samvad Kendra is active at 20 places in the country.

This year, Prachar Vibhag organized documentary exhibition ​at 2 places during which 103 documentaries were screened in Indore and 83 in Telangana. Plans are afoot to hold such exhibition at some other places next year.

Curiosity about RSS is continuously increasing amongst the educated youth. There is a considerable increase in the use of RSS’ official website. Over 4 lakh have joined the facebook community taking the total number to 12 lakh.

(5) Sampark Vibhag: Workshops and training camps for Sampark Vibhag karyakartas were organized at Kshetra and Prant levels.

Contacts were established with the prominent persons, institutional heads and sympathizers on various occasions. Everywhere the goodwill for RSS was visible. Plans were made to contact prominent personalities during the tour of P P Sarsanghchalakji. Accordingly, the meetings with leading personalities of various sectors were held with most constructive discussion and agreement on national issues. All the prants are taking measures to observe ‘Contact Day’ (Sampark Din) on a particular day in the year. Educative and book release programs were being organized at district level by the Sampark Vibhag. One such program was held in Mehsana Vibhag of Gujarat where contacts were made with prominent persons and a day-long workshop was held. Over 500 prominent persons participated in this program. Programs to analyze and deliberate on the issues touched in the annual Vijayadashami address of Sarsanghchalakji was being held at Delhi. This year such programs were held at some more places. Mananiya Sarkaryawahji attended such program in Mumbai and Pune, while Sah-Sarkaryawah Dattatreyaji, Bhagayyaji and Krishnagopalji participated in programs held at Chennai, Bengaluru, Jaipur, Chandiragh and Bhagyanagar. Such programs will be held every year.

(6) Special programs

{1} Kerala: Professional College students’ camp:-With a view to increasingcontacts with college students, Kerala planned a camp for students of professional colleges. As part of preparation for the event, block level meetings of student-activists were held. 274 students attended these meetings. Through them contacts were established with 238 out of 450 colleges. 1470 students had registered for the camp. Block-wise meetings and congregations were held at 43 places. The camp was held at Ernakulam on December 24-25, 2016 in which 951 students from 156 professional colleges and 181 student-activists participated. They included 744 from engineering, 20 from medical, 54 from law, 101 from finance management and 32 were from the teachers’ training colleges. 365 students were freshers.

P P Sarsanghchalakji was present in the camp and provided guidance to the participants. Other Kshetra and Prant level adhikaris were also there. The camp was inaugurated in presence of Managing Director of Kochi Shipyard Sri Madhu Nair. Swami Chidanandaji Puri of Adwait Ashram gave his blessings.

As follow up efforts, weekly Milan were started at 318 campuses including 50 professional training campuses. 143 students have completed their Prathmik Shiksha Varg (PSV).

{2} South Tamil Nadu:​​Starting RSS shakhas in villages along highways: Specialefforts were taken to start ‘Sangh Shakha’ in villages located along the national and state high ways in the state this year.

There are 776 roads in the state. In the ‘Gram Shakti Sangamam’ held in October 1798 persons from 446 villages on 206 roads participated. In January 2017 meetings were attended by 2998 persons from 933 villages of 270 roads. It was decided to celebrate Swami Vivekananda birth anniversary in all these villages on January 12. The program was held at 1268 villages located on 418 roads with participation of 25331 persons. It is being planned to launch ‘Bal Samskar Kendras’ in all such villages by the month of May.

Gauseva Sangamam: On February 4 and 5, ‘Gauseva Sangamam’ was held atRameswarm in which 108 cows of indigenous breed were worshipped. For the purpose of worship cows of white, black, red, gray, and golden colors were specially brought. 108 ‘Somayaga’ were performed in presence of 5000 ‘Gaubhaktas’.

Path Sanchalana: The administration had banned RSS ‘Path Sanchalana’ (Route March) since last six years. After a prolonged judicial battle the permission was secured from the High Court. As a result ‘Path Sanchalana’ (Route March) were organized in both the Prants at 13+6 = 19 places which recorded the participation of 6943 + 4619 = 11, 562 swayamsevaks.

Navshakti Sangamam: A two-day ‘Bala Shibir’ was held at Nagarcoil. The camp was attended by 2628 bal swayamsevaks coming from 426 places.

Bharatmata Pujan: On August 15, ‘Bharat Mata Pujan’ program was organized at 2043 places in which 155,100 people participated.

{3} Andhra Pradesh: Work in urban slums: A special action plan was prepared to start shakhas in all the slums in the state. There are 857 slums in 59 urban centres. It was decided to observe ‘Shakha Week’ between January 1 and 7. Shakhas were held in 555 slums for a week taking the number of shakhas to 662. As a result of follow up 432 shakhas and 121 milan could be started. This amounted to increase of 112 shakhas. Thus, at present out of the 851 slums, 602 have shakha activity.

Hostel Survey: Under the scheme of survey of the hostels for SC and ST Students, 900 karyakartas conducted survey of 400 hostels.

{4} Devgiri: Matribhumi Swar Vandana: On the occasion of Republic Day on 26th January, a special program of Bharat Mata Pujan was organized. The program was christened as ‘Matribhumi Swar Vandana’ in which 360 members of 23 professional band platoons participated without any expectation of monetary gains. Forty chiefs of various social groups were present on the dais. Revered Bhadant Vishuddhanandji Bodhi Mahathero was the chief guest. He said that national tricolor should be hoisted at every temple, mosque, church and Bouddha Vihara etc.. Famous table player and expert of all the ‘charmavadya’ Sharad Dandge was conspicuous by his presence. The 360 players saluted the motherland with their different tunes played for over one and a half hour. Gujarat-based World Record of India chief Pawan Solanki was present at the program and gave a certificate of ‘National Record’ to this program. Over 5000 citizens were witness to this grand program. They offered floral tributes to the portrait of Bharat Mata to mark the end of the program.

{5} Gujarat: Samajik Sadbhav Karyakarta Sammelan: A 15-member committeeis constituted in each town and tehsil of the Prant with five karyakartas of ‘Jagarana’ category and 10 from social leadership. A conference of all these members was held at two places in the state. The total attendance was 1331 karyakartas from 176 tehsils. Samajik Sadbhav meetings would be organized throughout the state in a phased manner in future.

Districtwise congregations: A massive congregation of Swayamsevaks wasorganized in Kutch Vibhag to start shakha work in all the circles in both the districts. 5343 swayamsevaks from 80 out of 87 circles were present. For this, swayamsevaks contacted each and every swayamsevak, reached out to each circle and 19 short term vistaraks devoted 13-days period to make the event successful.

Intellectuals’ gathering:Samaprk Vibhag organized a seminar at Mehsana on“Bharat in Global Perspective”. Special contact drive was conducted in ten categories of intellectuals. A total of 842 persons registered for this program. 506 men and 25 women for all the ten categories were present at the event.

{6} Mahakoshal: Samajik Samarasata Sammelan: Keeping in view the concept of Samajik Samarasata (Social Harmony or Homogenity?) special efforts were made to organize ‘Samajik Samarasata Sammelan’ in the Prant. 40 seminars were held in 88-circles. 15000 copies of the speech delivered by late Balasaheb Devras at Pune’s ‘Vasant Vyakhyanmala’ were distributed. “Samarasata Sammelan” were organized in the month of January 2017 at various places in which 135,700 men and over 55000 women from 4157 villages of 180 blocks were present at these conferences. Representation of 80 social castes and groups was recorded at these Sammelans along with presence of 470 saints. 275 ‘Rathyatras’ were taken out and over 4 lakh pamphlets were distributed.

Special program was organized at Karanja- the ancestral village of Balasahebji in which 2524 people from 125 villages of Lanji block participated.

Shram Sadhana:9946 karyakartas along with 4194 citizens participated in shram sadhana programs conducted at 463 places.

{7} Malwa: Rashtra Chetana Shibir: A camp for college students was organized on Prant level in November 2016 in which 5240 students from 628 places participated. Among them 3043 students were graduates, 380 post-graduates, and 1172 were from professional colleges. One session was devoted to lecturers, which was attended by 110 college teachers.

Gram Sangam: This event was held at Ujjain in presence of P.P. Sarsanghchalakji. Prior to this a selection five parameters were fixed for the villages to participate in this event that included bio-farming, cow rearing, social harmony, cleanliness and de-addiction. Only those villages were allowed entry where working in these five sectors has begun. 609 such villages were selected in which workshops and awareness programs were organized as part of the preparation for the grand event. The Gram Sangam was attended by 1413 workers from 427 villages. Programs and discussions on the selected five parameters were fruitful and impressive leading to a fresh impetus to the village development activities.

{8} Dakshin Banga: Makara Sankraman Karyakram: During the tour of P. P.Sarsanghchalakji to Kolkata Mahanagar, congregation of swayasmsevaks was organized on Makar Sankraman Day. The program was attended by 1848 swayamsevaks from 314 centers of the Kolkata Mahanagar. Around 2000 elites were also present. Media gave a positive coverage.

{9} Madhya Bharat: Baal Shivir: With a view to enhancing the quality of ‘Baal’Swayamsevkas and increasing the number of shakhas, a Prant level ‘Baal shivir’was held at Guna from 24 to 27 November 2016. 1876 Baal swayamsevaks from 30 districts who fulfilled certain qualifying preconditions participated in the camp.

For preparation of this camp, efforts were made to increase the efficacy of shakha group (Toli), Guardian appointment, Baal Pramukhs at Nagar level etc. ‘Naipunya Varg’ were organized at Nagar level.

Special efforts for Gwalior Mahanagar: It was resolved to start shakhas in all the 56 slums in Gwalior Mahanagar. Accordingly, on 15thDecember 2016, a plan was made to hold shakhas according to each slum and at least one ‘adhikari’ would be present in each shakha. That day 54 slums held their shakhas where the cumulative attendance was 928. Mananiya Sarkaryawahji’s guidance was available in this program. As a result, regular shakhas were started in 54 slums.

{10} Goraksha: Sewa Week: As a tribute to Late Balasaheb Devras in his birthcentenary year, the Goraksha Prant decided to observe ‘Sewa Week’ from November 9 to 15, 2016.

Multiple programs like speeches, ‘Sewa Day’, Contact to ‘Sewa Basti’ (Slum).Villages, Cleanliness Day, Health Day, Environment protection and visit to ‘Sewa Kendras’ on the last day of the week were planned and executed with the participation of nearly 50 percent shakhas. 980 swayamsevaks contacted 206 sewa bastis (slums); 4452 swayasmevkas undertook cleanliness drive in 653 places; 192 shakhas organized health checkup camps with the help of 362 doctors in which15000 patients were examined and treated. In the environment related programs 6000 swayamsevaks participated. 730 karyakartas visited Sewa Kendras. The Sewa Week proved to be an effective and impressive program.

{11} West Maharashtra:Two of the programs proved to be very effective and useful with special mention for the increased public participation.

Nirmal Vaari:Every year in the month of ‘Aashadh’ millions of devotees from all over the state march towards Pandharpur. This naturally created some cleanliness and health hazards on its 300 km route. This year the RSS karyakartas undertook a campaign with public participation and cooperation from the administration to find out a workable solution to this problem, and they succeeded. For 15 days, 700 toilets were set up for the 8 lakh devotees with the help of 375 swayamsevaks who worked for full 15 days and earned accolades from the village-dwellers on way and the devotees as well.

Social Rakshababdhan: Swayamsevaks in Pune Mahanagar undertook a week-long awareness campaign from 18 to 28 August 2016 contacting over 3 lakh households. This was done under the ‘Cleanliness drive’ about disposing of the electronic waste. In response to this campaign, 0ver 45 ton e-waste was collected at 217 collection centers in Pune. Over 15000 people and 60-odd social organizations participated in this campaign.

{12} Vidarbha: ‘Ganasamata’ Competition: Nagpur Mahanagar organized‘Ganasamata Competition’ (Platoon drill Contest). One ‘Gana’ (Platoon) of college students and youth below 40 were allowed to participate from each Nagar. Regular rehearsals were conducted making regular attendance mandatory for the participants. 12 ‘Ganas’ (platoons) were selected for the final competition held on 7thDecember 2016. The presence of P P Sarsanghchalakji and Mananaiya Sarkaryawahji was inspiring.

Work among College Students: A systematic plan was chalked out to contactcollege students and seek their active participation in the Sangh work. In the first phase, efforts were made to form groups, contact new students and join them with Sangh activities. At the end of the year, Tahsil-wise congregations of swayamsevaks were planned. For this, 175 ‘Vistaraks’ fanned out during holidays. Efforts were made to ensure representation of swayamsevaks from all ciricles, bastis, and colleges and hostels. Only social media were used to convey the message. An inspiring speech on “Role and Contribution of youth in Nation-building” was delivered in all the congregations. A total of 125 congregations were held in 132 tehsils registering presence of 13736 college students representing 751 colleges and 125 hostels. Besides, 1570 villages, 568 circles and 573 bastis were also represented. Follow up action plan for spreading work is underway.

{13} Uttarakhand: Baal Path Sanchalan (Route March):Uttarakhand embarkedupon conducting ‘Path Sanchalan’ (Route March) of Baal Swayamsevaks at nagar and block levels. 4506 baal swayamsevaks participated in such route marches conducted in 30 nagars and 37 blocks in the Prant.

Special programs of Hindu awakening:

Very effective and impressive Hindu Sammelans were organized in Gujarat, Malwa and Madhya Bharat. P P Sarsanghchalak ji was present in all of them. In the Devgiri Prant, a Mahila Gram Vikas Sangam was organized which was attended by All India Gram Vikas Pramukh Dr Dinesh ji.

  1. Mahila Gram Vikas Sangam:With a view to increasing partnership of women in village development, a ‘Mahila Gram Vikas Sangam’ was organized in which 641 ladies and 170 males from 95 villages participated. The program was attended by Thamatai Pawar of Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram, Dr Urmilatai Kshirsagar of ‘Niramaya’, Nagpur, expert in bio-farming Shubhadatai Chandgude, environment expert Shrimati Pethe. They provided necessary guidance to the participants. Discussions were held on de-addiction, self-help groups etc. Guidance from Akhil Bharatiya Gram Vikas Pramukh Dr Dinesh ji was available to all.
  1. Grand Hindu Meet:To accelerate the work in tribal areas of the state, Hindu Sammelans were organized at 4 places. Virat Hindu Sammelan was organized in Vasanda in Valsad distirct to commemorate 60 years of Bharat Sevashram Sangh work in Navsari Vibhag. 70946 men and women from 1145 villages of all the tehsils of the Vibhag attended the congregation. Study group meets at 23 places, Samajik Sadbhav meetings at 4 places and live contacts of 23835 families by 432 sisters from 237 villages and other such activities were conducted as preparatory efforts for this program.
  1. Gram Sangam: This event was held at Ujjain in presence of P.P.Sarsanghchalakji. Prior to this a selection five parameters were fixed for the villages to participate in this event that included bio-farming, cow rearing, social harmony, cleanliness and de-addiction. Only those villages were allowed entry where working in these five sectors has begun. 609 such villages were selected in which workshops and awareness programs were organized as part of the preparation for the grand event. The Gram Sangam was attended by 1413 workers from 427 villages. Programs and discussions on the selected five parameters were fruitful and impressive leading to a fresh impetus to the village development activities.
  1. Virat Hindu Sammelan at Betul:Betul district of Madhya Bharat is a janjati-dominated district facing numerous challenges and problems. To overcome these challenges and to instill self-confidence among the members of the society, a systematic plan was made to organize grand Hindu congregation at Betul. Prior to the congregation activities like water conservation, village cleaning, samarasata meetings, health check-up camps, Gau-Pujan, Yuva Sammelan were organized. 70 karyakartas fanned out in the district and contacted four lakh people in 1468 villages. Village level committees were formed. As a result, over 100,000 people from the district participated in the Virat Hindu Sammelan held on February 8, 2017 at Betul. 31 different social organizations made remarkable contribution to the success of this event.

National Scenario

Incidents and events impacting the national and social life temporarily or in the long term do happen. At times, such events can encourage the morale of the nation, while at some other times; they can be expressions of strength of the nation. But certain incidents require a deeper review and thinking. Attempts are being made to terrorize Hindu society by resorting to violence. Challenges are posed before the supporters of other thoughts by way of political intolerance and use of force. Some of the incidents definitely caused serious concern.

West Bengal, which remained victim of Left violence for years, was yearning for a better change following the ouster of the Leftists from the seat of power. But ever since the transformation of power, the attacks on Hindu society have increased in most serious manner. Be it an incident of Malda or just happened gory attacks on Hindus in Dhulagarh, they have caused a serious concern for the Hindus. The naked appeasement of Muslims by those in power, and administration remaining mute spectator, reminded the events of the past. The role of the public representatives belonging to the ruling party was also suspicious and doubtful. There is a need to look at all such happenings with seriousness.

The situation in Kerala is also worrisome. After the Leftists’ victory at the assembly elections, there has been sudden rise in attacks on activists associated with RSS-inspired organizations. These attacks have exposed their most barbaric and inhuman face. Children, women, elders, youth all have become victims of these brutal attacks. Besides killing of individuals, destruction of crops, industries, houses were also carried out indicating the hateful, intolerant mindset. It becomes the bounden duty of those who come to power by democratic means, to ensure safety and security of common citizens and instill faith in them.

It is expected that the governments in both these states would take initiate to ensure just behavior and create an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

Surgical Strike:

Instead of controlling anti-India activities, by giving shelter to anti-Bharat forces, strengthening them and continuing firing along the border, Pakistan has been indulging in proxy war against Bharat forcing the government to go in for a Surgical Strike in September. In conducting this strike the Government of Bharat has used its strategic expertise to the highest possible level so that the Bharatiya soldiers returned successfully after completely destroying terrorist hideouts inside the Pakistan border. We congratulate all our soldiers and officers for this heroic deed.

The Central Government has indicated its strong willpower and also successfully turned the global opinion against Pakistan resulting in cancellation of SAARC conference due to be held in Islamabad.


The decision of demonetization in the economic sector was a very bold move of the Central Government. We have witnessed a different Bharat after this move. It is true, that common people faced some difficulties and that was most natural, but they have shown immense restraint, patience and patriotism, which is commendable. The move taken to curb black money, fake currency and terrorism was in the right direction and must be welcomed and lauded. Only time will tell about the timing and efficacy of this decision.

Kudos to ISRO Scientists:

February 15, 2017 was the national pride day for all Bharatiya people. On this day, the ISRO scientists – men and women – created a new world record in space science by launching 104 satellites in one go.

The Russian space scientists in 2014 had created a record by launching 37 satellites in one go. The Bharatiya scientists deserve special credit for launching 104 satellites in just 30 minutes into the orbit successfully. ISRO received global accolades for this achievement.

We are witnessing the transformation of the dream of Dr Homi Bhabha, Vikram Sarabhai, Satish Dhavan into reality. Our scientists would definitely enhance the prestige of India in fields of defence, space science, energy etc. by their research. We congratulate all those scientists who have played a role in this unique mission.

We witness positive and negatives happenings in our social life regularly. We are moving forward in our mission of social awakening and arousal of the potent power to transform the society and nation. Everywhere we are witnessing a favorable atmosphere and a massive acceptance of our work.

Yet, elements inimical to our unity and integrity are trying to vitiate the atmosphere in political field and encourage regionalism in the states. There are other countries that are creating hurdles in way of India becoming a strong and vibrant global power.

It is our belief that we can tide over this situation with firm commitment, and resolving all our internal social problems with a coordinated effort. Remember what P. P. Sri Guruji had said exuding faith in our mission:

“Vijay hi Vijay Hain”(Victory is ours!)

Source: Vishwa Samvad Kendra