Open letter to Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath for shutting down slaughterhouses

Dear Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Namaste! Jai Hind! Through this letter, I would like to draw your attention on ban on slaughterhouses in the state.
Sir, the month of March 2017 will be registered in the annals of BJP history as a breakthrough month for two reasons. Firstly, for the first time BJP swept the polls in UP with a thumping majority, winning 325 seats. Secondly, a hermit, Yogi Adityanath became the Chief Minister of India’s most politically significant state.

Your coronation did raise certain eyebrows, left many anguished, since the saffron-clad hermit personality of yours is symbolic of a Hindu hardliner. I don’t endorse those views that evaluate a chief minister on past record. Not fair in anyway. What you do as a CM will be your new identity and not your past.
Man on a mission
Since assuming the most important office of UP, you are working like a man on a mission with dedication and devotion to transform the state. Many of your landmark policies and decisions implemented for people’s welfare are receiving overwhelming response and support from the people of UP. However, couple of your decisions have also been controversial and reflect appeasement of a certain community. Your critics are terming such moves as anti-Muslim. And rightly so.
Shutting down of slaughterhouses
A ban on slaughterhouses that came into force the moment you assumed power has been criticized by Muslims since it’s badly affecting the life of people hailing from the community. This feeble argument of yours that only illegal butcheries, slaughterhouses would be targeted doesn’t have many backers.
If illegal butcheries are the target then why not the Hon’ble Chief Minister eradicate illegal activities galore prevailing in UP. Illegal mining, liquor, educational institutes, and land encroachment to name a few should also be banned. Why target a certain religion in the name of illegality?
Vote bank politics
Crackdown on illegal butcheries, meat shops was abrupt, taken in haste to please a certain community. That certain community has been a traditional vote bank of BJP, the Hindu upper caste. Muslims of UP barring sporadic examples have never been BJP voters or supporters. BJP and its masters are fully acquainted with the bitter truth. List of BJP candidates that fought the 2017 Assembly elections corroborates the fact – BJP didn’t field even a single candidate from the Muslim community in UP.
Hundreds have become unemployed
Hundreds of Muslims engaged in meat trade have now become unemployed after shutting down of slaughterhouses. Unemployment is worse in UP, and has further deteriorated post the ban. Think about the families who make both ends meet through meat trade. All of a sudden, how they will generate employment? How their dependents will sustain?
Statistics on meat trade in the state
Uttar Pradesh is the largest producer of meat in India. The state contributes around one-fifth of the total meat produced in India. While it accounts for 43 per cent of the nation’s buffalo-meat exports. Millions of Muslims depend on slaughterhouses for livelihood; a sizable Hindu population also draws their livelihood from the meat industry.
Out of the 75 abattoirs registered with the Agriculture and Processed Food Export Development Authority (APEDA), APEDA, 49 are based in the state. Hundreds are functioning illegally.
I agree, hundreds of abattoirs are functioning illegally in UP, however, targeting just one illegal activity casts aspersion on the policy. Revamping and streamlining of illegal slaughterhouses should have been implemented prior to bulldozing.
I humbly request you to strike a balance between policies and the impact on people. Why should a policy target a certain community?
With regards,

Rajiv Azad

Source: Meri News