Unique day with Sadhus and Sannyasinis in Chennai

 It was a very ‘Happy New Year’ for Chennaities this year. Walking on the busy roads, blessing the family with warm words is unseen all these years. Sadhus and Sanyasinis from various districts of Tamilnadu spent their Tamil New Year day with the common people of Chennai.
In an organized manner through Sevabharati, nearly 40 Sadhus and Sanyasinis visited 90 places (Bastis) of Chennai. Reception from the cross section of the society was so overwhelming in their traditional manner like taking Aarthi, doing padha puja, pushpanjali. Sadhus and Sanyasinis visited each and every house, lit lamp, heard their grievances and blessed the family. Not only Hindus, other communities and well-wishers too welcomed Sadhus. Two hour programme extended to more hours due to the endearing enthusiasm from the locals. This enriching experience made Sadhus spend more time with the locals. They do not hesitate to climb floors in housing board bastis to meet families. The day was filled with more intimate emotional connection. The people were happy that such a divine person visited their house and the Sadhus realized that this was a much better way of meeting people. Sadhus’ and Sanyasinis blessings awakened the Hindu thought among families.

RSS Adhikaris Sethumadhavan Ji, Vanniyarajan Ji, Padmakumar Ji. P M Ravikumar Ji, Ramarajasekar Ji, Muruganandam Ji, Durai Shankar Ji, Viswanathan Ji, and many others accompanied Sadhus along with several Sevabharati volunteers.