HAVAN Panel at Reflections@50 – A Virtual Conference – Sep 19-20, 2020

World Hindu Council of America (VHPA)announced a virtual conferenceREFLECTIONS@50: WALKING IN DHARMA
HAVAN (Hindu American Vanaprasthi Network) panel discussion onLegacy of the Hindus in America  
September 19-20, 2020 Virtual Conference
The year 2020 represents a major milestone in the history of the World Hindu Council of America (VHPA). It has just completed 50 years of selfless service for the Hindu American community. However, the Swarna Jayanti gala event to celebrate this special occasion had to be moved to Sept 2021 due to the Covid-19 crisis. In its place, we are announcing an intermediate milepost, “REFLECTIONS@50: WALKING IN DHARMA”, a virtual conference to be held on Sept 19-20, 2020.   REFLECTIONS@50 is a pathbreaking virtual community conference to reflect on how the Hindu socio-cultural-spiritual movement has flourished in Americas for the past five decades. Together with pioneers who tenaciously and steadfastly nurtured its growth, we seek to celebrate the historic accomplishments, inspire the youth and explore the future of Hindus in Americas. Spread over two days, the event brings captivating keynote speakers and 8 enlightening panel discussions with eminent thought leaders across Americas.
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The Legacy of the Hindus in North America
The current vanaprasthi generation of Hindu Americans arrived in North America around 50 years ago. They came here to realize the proverbial American dream, but in the process, they brought with them something very valuable: their rich culture and traditions. Not only did they introduce the Western world to the aroma of Indian spices and delicious cuisines, but also to the very foundation of their identity, i.e., their strong value system. Thanks to their strong roots in their Dharma, they integrated themselves seamlessly into the American society while retaining their unique Hindu identity. Over this 50-year period, the seed they planted has grown into a giant banyan tree, spreading its branches of spirituality, yoga, meditation, family values, and giving the message of vasudhev kutumbkam. As we stand at the half-century mark, it is good time to take stock of their pioneering journey, their trials and tribulations, but more importantly, their legacy. To that end, we are organizing a panel of eminent thought leaders from across Americas, to address such vital issues as:
Legacy of the pioneering generation of Hindu Americans
Assessment of inter-generational continuity of our value system
Role elders can play in their golden years to further buttress their legacy

Source: World Hindu News