​BHBCUC, ​​USA ​USA Expresses Concern Over Arming and Shelter of Jamat in West Bengal




USA Expresses Concern Over Arming and Shelter of Jamat in West Bengal


BHBCUC, USA has noticed with concern the increased activities of Jamait and other Islamic Fundamentalist groups in West Bengal, India since the installation of state government led by Ms Mamata Banerjee. When Bangladesh initiated the legal process to punish the Islamic Fundamentalists and Razakars associated with the genocide of 1970-71 by Sheikh Hasina, West Bengal has become a safe Haven for those terrorists, most of whom either participated or supported the crime against humanity.  These pro-Pakistani elements got full assistance from the Islamic fundamentalists of West Bengal and the state government of Ms. Banerjee which dared them to organize a large rally in center of Kolkata demanding dissolution of war crime tribunals created for the trial of the war criminals of 1971. The participants of that rally carried banners demanding ‘Hanging of Hasina’ and ‘Release of Golam Azam’. The person who gave that rally most publicity through his daily newspaper ‘Kalam’ has recently been rewarded (by Mamata) by nominating in the Rajyasava of India. On the other hand the state government did not allow holding any rally in support of Shahbag Movement. Police was deployed to disperse the participants.


The extent of the whole process has been exposed by the explosion in an ‘ammunition depot’ in Bardhhaman, West Bengal on 4th October, 2014. When people of West Bengal were celebrating Durga Puja, these Razakars was busy in manufacturing killing machines. It cannot be a coincidence that a part of building storing explosives also used as the election office of Trinamul Congress, the party of Mamata Banerjee. Newspapers are reporting that, 2 of those killed were residents of Bangladesh. Bardhhaman blast again proves that, Bangladeshi & WB militant Islamists are working jointly. In the past we came to know that, ‘Saradha’ money was distributed to Jamat, Bangladesh and other Islamic groups to unstable the present government of Sheikh Hasina.


We all are aware of the role Islamic Fundamentalists and Razakars played and still playing in atrocities on Hindus and other minorities in Bangladesh. Under these circumstances we cannot keep silent because the Islamic Fundamentalists and Razakars being sheltered by West Bengal government will ultimately return to Bangladesh to commit atrocities on Hindus and other minorities. So, we urge Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister of Bangladesh to immediately take appropriate measure and request the Government of India to take action against these criminal elements and their political patrons who are harmful to both the democratic countries.



Dr. Tomas Dulu Roy, President

Sushil Saha, General Secretary

Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council, USA (BHBCUC)

13th Oct 2014. New York.

Contact: Sitangshu Guha guhasb@gmail.com

Source: WHN Media Network