Every not for profit organization works for a cause, cause can be social, cultural or Dharmic etc., there are events associated with an organizations, events can be fund raising, meet & greet, conferences etc. To have a successful event a fair physical audience presence is required. We help organizations  in achieving fair audience presence by e-mailing and phone calling your organization members and well-wishers and informing them about the event data (venue, date, time, agenda etc.) We have dedicated call center to cater this growing requirement of Not For Profits. Whether your organization is based in America, Europe or Asia Pacific – the call center has worldwide operations. Our  event phone marketing team deploys secure custom CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool for  member’s data capture and usage.

We have strict data secure policy and post request completion associated member data is deleted. We deploy secure password protection system for file transmission. Currently our call center operates    in English language.  Our CRM also has regional, national databases which can also be leveraged for informing people regarding your event.


Company helps not for profits in event management, flyer development, advertisements,  press release development, local media newspaper publishing, world wide press release dissipation, focused regional, national and international press release dissipation. Event marketing via. phone calls and emails. Reservations etc. 


Database management, members data verification and validation. Membership renewals, updates etc. Website development, hosting, search engine optimization, publishing etc.

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