​Invitation (US – Houston) Indian History Awareness & Research (IHAR)​ – ​Lecture by Mr. Rajiv Malhotra​​


Indian History Awareness & Research (IHAR)

A Research Arm of Arsha Vidya Satsanga

Cordially Invites You to a Lecture by
Mr. Rajiv Malhotra

Western Dichotomy Towards Dharma:
Appropriate and Assimilate, Reject and Vilify


A Discussion Between
Mr. Rajiv Malhotra and Prof. Christian Eberhart

Hindu Christian Interface:
Promote Conformity or Preserve Diversity?


on Saturday, December 13th
4 PM to 7 PM

India House
8888 West Bellfort Ave
Houston TX, 77031


Prof. Eberhart speaks on
“Is Christianity Compatible with Science?”
after Mr.Rajiv Malhotra’s Lecture.

Q&A followed by refreshments. It is a FREE event.
Donations Appreciated.


Rajiv Malhotra is an Indian-American researcher and public intellectual on current affairs, world religions, cross-cultural encounters, and science. His focus is on interventions that challenge and disrupt many assumptions concerning Indian civilization.
 He is also the author of Breaking India and Being Different, and the chief protagonist in Invading the Sacred. He is the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Indic Studies Center at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth.
A scientist by training, Rajiv was previously a senior corporate executive, strategic consultant and entrepreneur in telecommunications, information technology and media.
RSVP & Contact Information:

Prasad Gurajala

Prof. Sarath Menon  

Subroto Gangopadhyay  


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