​Renowned Hindu Leader Dr. Subramanian Swamy Demands Dismissal of Prof. Amartya Sen ​



I demand for four reasons that the now retired Professor Amartya Sen be sacked from the Chancellor’s post in the newly set up Nalanda University.
1) Sen though paid an annual salary of Rs.50 lakhs (in US $ tax free) is normally resident in USA, and comes to India briefly in the winter months free of charge First Class on Air India. His total emoluments is far in excess of the service he provides.
2) The CAG Report on the expenses incurred for building construction of the University and perquisites of Prof. Sen and others for administering the University and the delay in meeting easy targets for construction, is full of irregularities and is, prima facie, of corruption.
3) The former President of India, Dr.Abdul Kalaam resigned from the post of Visitor of the University in 2011 in disgust, objecting to Sen’s arbitrariness and malafide actions.
4) The nodal Ministry of External Affairs for the University, objected in writing to Sen’s arbitrarily and opaque manner of appointing as Vice Chancellor Ms.Gopa Sabharwal, an Assistant Professor. i.e., a junior lady faculty member, from JNU. Full Professors refused to join under a much junior-faculty member as Vice Chancellor.
The CAG in its Report had also objected to the appointment and the salary fixed for her.
5) In 2013-14, the Ministry of Finance also objected to the irregular way Sen was operating the large Special Dispensation Fund of the University. There was no transparency or accountability of the use of these funds
6) So far about Rs.3000 crores of tax payers money has been recklessly spent by Prof.Sen, for which he has to be made accountable.

Hence I demand that the Government prosecute Prof. Sen and his chosen few under the Prevention of Corruption Act, and under IPC Sections 120B, 406 and 420 or face a PIL from me.


Source: WHN Media Network