Happy Diwali/Shuvo Deepabali: ​Patriots’ Forum


October 22, 2014


​​Happy Diwali/Shuvo Deepabali

Respected Elders and Mothers, Dear Brothers and Sisters, and Young Boys and Girls,


On the occasion of Diwali or Deepabali, I have the ‘temerity’, if I could put it that way, to extend, on behalf of our

​​Patriots’ Forum and my own humble behalf also, warm greetings for Happy Diwali or Shuvo Deepaboli, “As You Like It”. Although. Diwali has larger acceptance and has also found an entry in Oxford Dictionary, given a choice, I would prefer to call it Shuvo Deepabali.
Knowledgeable people will be able to offer scientific explanation behind all our festivals like this “Festival of Lights”, as all our seasonal festivities have. It is an all-India festival in the true sense of the term, with emphasis or interpretation varying from provinces/areas. In some areas, for example, the business people open their accounts for the New Year after religiously performing the puja and then, they distribute sweets. The exchange/offering of gifts is another tradition, at times deteriorating as openly offering bribes for having shown favour or looking forward to receiving some help in return.

The “Festival of Lights” used to be performed by lighting “diyas” (small earthen pots with wickers made by twisting pieces of old cloth or even of cotton at times and then dipping the same in oil -that too of different variety. This has been or are being replaced by candles and that being further “modernised” by “electrified garlands”, at times covering the entire building and thus beautifully illuminating the houses.

What had added, and dangerously indeed, great fervour to the festival is the bursting of high-voltage crackers-no matter in early mornings prior to the festival or any other part of the day from four- five days before. The amount of money, literally burnt, strictly speaking thoroughly wasted, could be mind- boggling. It is a vicious cycle. Someones are burning money and someones are earning their livelihood through this trade, at times rather illegally and hence dangerously also.

The sad part of this highly enjoyable festival is while huge amount of money is literally burnt, some part of that money, if saved, could have lightened the houses of many who usually manage their work schedule in a manner they could go to bed soon after the sun sets so that they would not need to buy or burn kerosene for the night. Some self control on the part of the effluent sections could then lighten at least a few houses in the hamlets, more so in the villages. Well, if only wishes were horses!

Having said all this, I wish to underline that I do not want to spoil the festive mood already set in. Let us fully enjoy the festival with all gusto and gather enough steam so as to propel ourselves further. Let the Divine Mother grant all of us good health, peace of mind and forget the worries of the past, taking the lesson that failure is the ladder to the success, the first ladder to climb upon. Let us BELIEVE all us are Her ‘blessed’ children. Glory be to Her!

‘Begging to be excused for this lengthy imposition. I hope I have not spoilt your festive mood.


With best regards,


Dhanesh Nath

Source: WHN Media Network