Message from VHP to West ​Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee

Bengal CM Mamta Didi Banerjee ji’s Decision to slap 144 in all Districts of Bengal & Ban Dr Togadia in total Bengal is anti-democracy
by Pravinbhai Togadia
Bengal CM Mamta Didi Banerjee ji has banned my entry in total Bengal. VHP had planned a rally in a small town Raiganj in North Dinajpur Dist on April 5. Raiganj is 400 kms away from Kolkata. Mamta Didi’s Home Secretary has also issued a strange & crazy order to ALL District Magistrates to apply 144 in ALL Districts of Bengal to facilitate ban on me! It is such a blunder! There is Bhagwan Mahaveer Jayanti on April 2, Good Friday on April 3 & Bhagwan Hanuman ji Jayanti onApril 4! On April 4, 2015 there is also Moon Eclipse visible from the Eastern part of Bharat that is Bengal & other states when lakhs of devotees will do holy bath in Maa Ganga ji in Bengal. This means, Jains will not be able to gather to celebrate Mahaveer Jayanti? Christians going for Mass Prayers for Good Friday Mass will not be allowed to gather? On Friday that is Jumma, many Muslims gather for Namaz & many on the streets – will Mamta Didi ban that too because there is 144 in all districts? On Hanuman Jayanti, there are Shobha Yaatras by Hindus. Will Mamta Didi stop Hindus from celebrating Bhagwan Hanuman Jayanti too?!
Banning me from attending the rally in a small town like Raiganj is crazy. The Hon. Supreme Court upholding the freedom of expression, has scraped 66A & allowed comments on Face Book & internet that reach crores of people, but Mamta Didi is not allowing us to address a rally of 5000 people affecting our freedom of expression. Banning my entry in entire Bengal, not allowing even meeting one person in Bengal privately, is complete violation of fundamental right of freedom of movement too.
We did over 200 rallies past 3 months all over Bharat. We also, jointly with Param Poojaneey Sarsangh Chalak ji Dr Mohan ji Bhagwat, did a huge rally in Kolkata on December 20, 2014 & there has been no law & order problem. Yet, with some strange paranoia, Mamta Didi has made such weird decision applying 144 in all districts of Bengal & banning my entry in total Bengal. It shows strange insecurity in her mind. Rather than banning entry of Bangla Deshi infiltrators, Didi is banning Hindus!


Hindus will democratically give appropriate reply in elections to such a tyrant behaviour which is nothing but an Emergency slapped on the state! It is as if Siraj Uddaula rule has begun again in Bengal! It is as if the rule of the the CM of Bengal Suhara Vardin 1947 (at the time of direct action!) has begun again!
I appeal to all in Bengal to maintain calm & peace and refrain from making any abusive remarks about any individual or organization. Now, we will NOT go to any courts but go to the Highest court in the democracy & that is people. We will go to the Super court in the Universe & that is Bhagwan Mahadev ji & Bhagavti Kaali Devi ji! Maa Kaali Devi ji is there to bless Hindus!

Source: WHN Media Network