Udit Shah from Canada Writes To Indian PM ​Narendra Modi



Dear Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji

My heartfelt Pranaam to the first ever Non-Political Prime Minister of Bhaarat

My name is Udit Shah.

Even though my Karmabhoomi right now is Canada, my heart always beats for my Matrubhoomi Bhaarat.


I still remember and cherish the day in April 2015 when I was fortunate to come to Toronto and hear your extraordinarily powerful and hugely uplifting speech


While running Balagokulam here in Windsor, since last seven years, we constantly try to inculcate our values in the children here and trying to keep them connected to our culture.

It’s in this light that I took liberty to write to you about my coming across this great book, “Great Minds on India”, now translated into ten languages.


After going through it, I felt like hitting a jackpot.

I thought immediately of discovering a powerful tool to arm our people with knowledge that can deflate the anti-national forces’ morale without raising the voice by our spokespersons.

So, when I was in India a couple of months back, I purchased 50 copies of this most wonderful and highly knowledge-empowering book and brought them with me to Canada to share with others.

The same was also shared with a lot of Karyakartaas in Indore while attending VSS in December.

Therefore, I would also like to take privilege to share with your Excellency, a series of comments by our BJP well-wishers on this WONDER book on INDIA, titled;

“GREAT MINDS ON INDIA/ भारत क्या हैभारत शु छे…?”


As a very true rashtra bhakta I would simply request your Excellency to go through the following comments and suggestions by patriots of BHAARAT; what they have to say about this amazing book.


Indeed, many commentators strongly feel that we have enough of Anti-India, Anti-National forces, vast in numbers, backed by immensely powerful forces from outside India to break our beloved BHAARAT and completely negate its rich spiritual heritage.

Their single point agenda is to uproot BJP govt. anyhow, by hook or crook.

The situation is desperate for them so to counter these forces, we need many different kinds of many tools.

I thought this is one such powerful tool.


Please consider empowering our people with this tool.


Looking forward to receive your support in this yagya


Sincerely yours

Udit Shah


ON N8N1Y5 Canada

Email add.: udit56@gmail.com

भारत क्या है/‘Great Minds on INDIA’/ भारत शु छे…


Great  Quotes by Great Minds of the World All Indians Must Know


Empowering Indians about India Through The Eyes of World’s Greatest Minds



Comments and suggestions by BJP well-wishers:


This wonderful book is what is needed to inspire our youths to be patriotic. The BJP spends billions of amount to bring the electorate to its fold which is very expensive and dubious exercise. While, this amazing book,  by effectively spreading, will automatically change the mindset of the citizens and enlighten all why BJP is the only party on the right tract to serve this sacred Mother India, while other parties as only hell-bent to grab power at the cost of National integrity, sovereignty, mutual amity and social harmony. 


Award wapsi episode’ and  ‘Delhi and Bihar election debacles’ and also JNU episode, should open up the mind of  BJP leaders as to how the intellectuals are anti-nation and its well-being who want to offer this “punya-bhumi” to so-called minority community and split the majority and thus eliminate systematically the Hindu identity. So, this book by Shri Gewali-ji can address all such treacherous issues bugging the country.

                                                                                       – Venu Mandadi, Telangana


This research-based book, as said by many scholars, is a Bhramastra to fight the evil of pseudo-secularism and anti-nation forces plaguing the country!

This booklet will make the job of the Government easier by creating the patriotic feelings amount the citizens who otherwise now have been misled by present education and media.

Another advantage being that this book can easily silence or weaken permanently those media which hate Indian heritage, Indian culture —as because they cannot refute the words and opinions spoken by world-renowned intellectuals like TS Eliot, Ralph Emerson, Voltaire, Goethe, Hegel, Albert Einstein…


                                                                     -Dr. Sanajy K. Jain, Meerut, 





It makes us immensely proud that our ancient wisdom is getting its due recognition in USA, UK, France, Germany, Canada etc. than in the home country. 

Because of the wrong education system our children have forgotten to take pride in our own heritage which is very much disgraceful and a very dangerous trend. ‘GREAT MINDS ON INDIA’ by Salil Gewali can solve this issue. 
This book also will greatly help the BJP since it can help it to woo those voters who are till now not aware of the patriotic ideology of the party and secular nuances of the ancient wisdom.

– Dr. Naresh Goswami, Dibrugarh, Assam




The BJP priorities and the biggest obstacle to reach out to the major chunk of “secular-and-misled” masses will be easier with this book  which will help cleanse the garbage of negativity about Indian heritage of their mind.

                  -Dr. Indrajit Sharma, West Bengal



It is very worthwhile if our beloved BJP uses this book  to the maximum before our children become hard-headed Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagrika kind.

– Rohit Bharadwaj, Gurgaon, Haryana




The prevalent education system only helps produce a swarm of anti-country intellectuals who openly and aggressively challenged Narendra Modiji.
This book by Salil Gewali can put them to shame by informing them the purely secular essence of Indian ancient literature and how that inspired world-renowned scholars.  I strongly believe, our beloved Mother INDIA should not produce any more culture-hating or country-hating scholars. ‘Great Minds on INDIA’ is the sure remedy.

                                                                                                              – Dr Rudra Paudel, Gangtok, Sikkim


More about the book: 
GREAT MINDS ON INDIA :  http://www.slideshare.net/sgewali2000/what-is-india-current-b-1615487

Source: World Hindu News (WHN)