​Intolerance Of A Fascist Govt. In India: Praful Venugopal

03 November 2015

They screamed that a church was vandalized and windows smashed.

Then I came to know a bunch of school boys playing cricket had smashed the panes and fled.

They cried that a church was set on fire by arsonists.

Then I came to know a Christmas tree had caught fire due to short circuit.

They ranted that a nun was raped and church looted.

Then I came to know that 4 men from a particular community across the border were hired to intimidate the church in a land dispute; apparently no rape even took place.

They yelled that 2 children were burnt to death by upper caste men in a caste conflict.

Then I came to know the children were burnt to death in a fit of rage by their own father after he walked into his wife in bed with her brother-in-law

They agonized that a man from a particular community was killed for eating beef by another community who revere the cow.

Then I came to know that the cow loving man who found chopped up legs of his missing calf in his neighbor’s backyard is fighting for his life in hospital after being shot by the neighbor’s son during the argument and the mob lynching happened as a backlash of the firing.

While they named one community’s man all over to leave nobody in doubt, they didn’t name the man from the cow loving community.

Then I came to know the man had a surname that starts with ‘Y’, and wasn’t named in order to protect the now legendary M-Y vote bank for Bihar elections.

They said that the software czar of India is upset about growing intolerance in India.

Then I came to know he has been appointed as India Head Of Ford Foundation, the CIA front NGO which has been put on a watch list by Home Min and his son had just been replaced from a top education advisory board by the Govt after a non-satisfactory IB report.

They said an ageing superstar who plays college boy roles at 45, is upset about growing intolerance in India and who strangely chose to remain silent when his colleague from South faced bans on his movie in 2013.

Then I came to know that the superstar has been served 2 Enforcement Directorate notices in 6 months (last one just 5 days ago) and the noose is tightening around him for money laundering in a cricket league and all his lobbying with the Govt to save his a** have been rejected.

They said a world renowned sculptor has expressed disgust at growing intolerance in India.

Then I came to know he was referring to France where his art was vandalized and sprayed with hate graffiti.

They said a great actor who once in a movie said “when a cockroach enters my home I will have to crush it” in reference to terrorism by a certain group, has expressed concerns about growing intolerance in India.

Then I came to know he said no such thing, they simply economized with the truth.

A world reknowned Economist and Nobel laureate expressed concern at growing intolerance.

Then I came to know that he presided over the revival of a once great ancient university of India and used the opportunity to siphon 2700 crores for a building that looks like a sophisticated toilet.

The university is in Bihar but this man would sit in London and fly first class to Delhi to attend sanitized meetings in 5-star hotels with his cronies.

The govt ended his party and we hear an enquiry committee is about to submit their findings.

A world leading business and economics magazine from the UK expressed concern about growing intolerance in India.

Then I came to know that the magazine is owned by the wife of the above Nobel laureate economist.

They alarmed all over that rationalists are being killed one after another.

Then I came to know all 3 rationalists were killed during rule of another govt and that law and order is always a state subject.

One of them was killed after he slammed the diocese and openly invited another Indian living in exile in Finland due to fear of the diocese to return back.

Oh by the way one of the rationalists ‘rational’ act was to regularly pee on an idol of Lord Krishna and announce to the world.

An eminent historian slammed govt on growing intolerance.

Then I came to know he was the eminent ‘distortian’ and ‘hysterian’ who white washed our history books for 40 years at Indian Council Of Historical Research and deprived generations after generations of young impressionable minds of their country’s true history. He finds himself replaced and irrelevant today.

A global sovereign debt rating agency warned India about growing intolerance, something well beyond their mandate.

Then I came to know it was the back office of this sovereign rater that issued it, not the sovereign rater.

It was also written by a 24-year old BA-Economics grad who’s working there since 2012. He just happened to be son-in-law of the above ’eminent’ historian.

The central bank Governor of all people noticed the growing intolerance.

Then I came to know that his father was deported from India many years ago for his links with CIA and the highly educated son is on the advisory board of Ford Foundation.

I also came to know that articles dating back to May-2015 warned about Ford Foundation planning to use his services to pressure govt into rolling back the restrictions on it’s activities in India.

They shouted that several dozen ‘noted’ artists have returned their award as a snub to the government for rising intolerance.

Then I came to know they didn’t return either the trophy or citation or the cash.

It was a fake announcement designed to stir.

I also came to know that the award was given by the previous govt, so isn’t returning a snub to the giver?

They hoarsed endlessly that an eminent Indian writer known for exactly 1 book in 2 decades and a great philharmonic orchestra conductor are concerned about growing intolerance in India.

Then I came to know both were awarded by this private news channel as 100-Indians Of The Century in a glittering ceremony which was very kindly hosted by the President Of India at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

And so goes on the dance of democracy among this incestuous cabal called “intellectuals”, even as India overtakes US and China in FDI for the first time, jumps 32% in brand value, achieves 1 year without a single scam and finally completes the seemingly impossible task of construction of toilets in every school and college of the country and a bank account for every adult.

Source: World Hindu News (WHN)

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