14 AUGUST 1947 ​ 


When we think of the 67 years journey of past, we generally think of great leaders. But in reality, the uncelebrated common people are the real architects of this nation. Despite all odds and pessimism, India is marching ahead because of these people. They are living examples of National Integration and Nation Building. Some are classic philanthropists, while others are spiritualists, educationists, health practitioners or just socially sensitive workers. While organising social resources for their mission, they are doing nation building at the grass root level. We hope these living examples inspire people to find a cause in their life, and inspire them to contribute to the process of national rejuvenation.

We generally take a pessimistic look at the true issues of social, cultural and its systemic decay. But still India has made a significant progress in many walks of life. Spiritual civilization of India is still intact and growing and it will continue to grow with greater rigors as there is a fascinating mystique about the Indian civilization. The simple reason is that this unbroken cultural heritage is harnessed by the true Vedic wisdom. This culture has been kept intact by Gurus, Pandits, Acharyas in our Tepmles, Guruduwaras, Churches and other places of worships.

All those prophets of doom and gloom that have been predicting that one day all this (hasti) Culture and Civilization will be lost should think again as to why it has not happened so. That reminds me of the famous quote by Muhammad Iqbal, Indian Poet, Philosopher and Politician

Yunan-o-Misr-o-Roma Sab Mit Gaye Jahan Se,

Ab Tak Magar Hai Baki Naam-o-Nishan Hamara,

Kuchh Baat Hai Ke Hasti Mitti Nahin Hamari,

Sadiyon Raha Hai Dushman Daur-e-Zaman Hamara.

Egyptian Civilization & Roman Civilization have all vanquished from this world but even today we (Indian culture, in true sense) are here. There is something in this soil that helped us (Indian culture, in true sense) survive innumerable enemies.


Aur Ye Hasti kabi bhi mit nahi sakti.

This can only happen if we have protection from our army, police force and other civil organizations to maintain our independence.   While celebrating Independence Day, we should remind ourselves of the scarifies made by our freedom fighters. We should also salute the current soldiers on our border who are selflessly serving the nation guarding India day and night. They are the ones who are ensuring percolation of true Independence of the Nation.

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Source: AMIT BHADHURI via. WHN Publisher