​The First Akhandh Paath in China

1This is Dharamjot Kaur, a Chinese lady who sent her daughter last August to Miri Piri Academy in India, totally in trust, not knowing India or visiting the school before (Dharamjot Kaur went to India first time this last February and found her daughter happy and mature).

Most of the Chinese ladies cried reading the Guru. After decades of communism and atheism the need to experience spirituality is so strong that emotions overflow.

Now, at Ajai Alai Center, we are doing prakash of the Guru every morning and sukhasan every evening.

Also, the prashad recipe is now part of the new born 3HO Chinese community.

Satmukh Singh, who started all this process in China six years ago must be honored for the mission.

These are the comments of some of the Chinese ladies who participated to the Akhandh Path.

Saibhang Kaur : “Reading the Guru was indescribable, and sometimes feeling taken over”

Ramdev Kaur : “It felt like a new beginning, an opening and I am honor to be here for the first of what may be many to come”.

Devinder Kaur : “A Divine and Miraculous experience. I feel really close to God.”

Ajeet Dev Kaur : “Moving. When you make some mistakes, you feel guilty but someone didn’t judge you and saw the good part of you and treated you gently, just like the Guru’s love.”

Sukh Meher Kaur : “Amazing experience. When I was reading the book, I entered a space where I was worry free, care free. I could leave everything behind. I felt protected. I got much deeper understanding about the Sikh religion. In that space, I feel very comfortable, I just wanted to stay by the Guru. Also, one time, reading the Guru, I was crying.”

How it was achieved :

Here in China we are having the Chinese Yoga Festival. The Yoga Festival was organized by Satmukh Singh, from France, in the Ajai Alai Yoga Center in Shenzhen and Satmukh Singh wanted to have an Akhandh Path.

So Karta Singh from France gave to the new Gurdwara a Guru in one volume (made by binding the 4 volume translation together.)

Atma Singh (myself) gave the Victory and Virtues (Sikh Dharma ceremonies) book.  Sat Siri Singh, from London, was our Minister for the whole process.

We just finished the Akandh Path this morning at 4:30. 29 different people read it for 110.5 hours. We started on May 1st, at 14h.

The experience was very inspiring and also fun: at the beginning, all the Chinese, with great devotion, did multiple bows, like the Muslims are doing, in front of the pictures of the Gurus on the wall. We educated them to bow in front of the Guru Granth Sahib only.


Atma Singh


‘Gurdwara’ in Chinese


‘Japji’ in Chinese


First Yuan to the Guru

Source: Via WHN Publisher