7 Pooja Rooms dedicated to 7 different Gods

In Hinduism, each day of the week is dedicated to a god or goddess. People fast on particular days in order to please the Lords. In this ideabook we bring you 7 designs of Pooja rooms to appease the Gods this week

Sunday : Surya Dev

Sunday is dedicated to Sun God. Surya Dev is worshiped on Sundays and those who worship the Lord with dedication receive good fortune. The Good of light is known to shun away all the darkness around you. This is the reason why people prefer a sun-facing house.Those who keeps the fast of Sunday wears red and offer red flowers to Surya Dev. As red is the colour of Lord Surya, it is known for spreading warmth all around.

Monday : Lord Shiva

Monday is associated with Lord Shiva. It is said that Lord Shiva can be pleased easily on Mondays and therefore you have a great chance to get your wishes completed.Some people even preach goddess Lakshmi on this day for prosperity and wealth. Use gold colours in your home during Monday Pooja as this colour is also related to wealth.

Tuesday : Hanuman and Kali

On Tuesdays, a number of gods and goddess are preached and this is because people from different parts of India have different beliefs. While some preach lord Ganesha, the others worship Lord Hanuman. In some part of the country, people even preach Goddess Durga and Kali. Devotees even keep a fast on this day and have one time meal during the night that too without salt. Once again, it is the day of red, so keep something red around you.

Wednesday : Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna is worshiped on Wednesday and this day is even dedicated to Mercury. The day is considered auspicious when you are about to start a new venture. It is believed that those who observe a fast on this day are likely to be blessed with good fortune.This is day of green colours and people worship Tulsi plants also. Add some planters in your home or anything that is green will work for this day.

Thursday : Lord Vishnu

It’s the day of Lord Vishnu and perhaps one of the most popular concept we follow in India. Devotees worship banana trees on this day, wear something yellow, and even eats yellow food.This clearly means that it is a day of yellow colour and it’s not bad of a wall of your room is painted yellow. Not just Thursday it will offer aesthetic pleasure almost every day. The designers of this Pooja room has enlighten the place with yellow lights. 

Friday : Ma Santoshi

All the gods and goddesses are worshiped on this day, but this is the day of Goddess Lakshmi, Santoshi Ma, and Anapurneshwari. Women from all over India observe a fast on this day and eat one time at night. 

Saturday : Shani Dev

Black is the colour if this day as the ruling God for Saturday is Lord Shani, The entire day is dedicated to elevating bad influences and some people even fast for the entire day to please the Lord.You can preach according to this list, but it is important to know that the importance of a particular day may vary from place to place.Source: homify.in