7th Hindu Sakha in Japan on 22nd Feb – Summary Report

Namaskar Bandhu Jan,

Despite Cricket match, Tokyo Marathon and cold weather we could conduct our 7th Sakha in a closed room. We had lot of events covered today, providing summary report.

– Stretching and jumping rope (Rassi Kud). We made our own record with three people jumping in a single loop and only one person swinging 🙂

– Yoga upto medium level Asanas, ending with medication

– Summary of last successful event of Neta ji’s birth Anniversary celebration. We have been celebrating each year but this event was with highest Indian and Japanese guests, and was celebrated in India Embassy.

– Discussion on celebrating first world yoga day on June 21st at larger level. We are planning a big event with help Japanese people to book a park and make event really large.

– Discussion on Saumitra ji’s Pravas schedule, more details to be gathered on each day events.

– Local Voluntary activities
– Blood Donation (pledge taken) – Red Cross has given 24th March Monday date when they will setup camp near Nishi Kasai. This further need to be checked if can be done on weekends.
– Other Voluntary activities. Some other leads to be explored for a larger activities in April.

Lets continue our spirit of serving our Matri Bhumi and Karam Bhumi

Jai Hind

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