Attacks on Hindus during 11th to 20th December 2014

hjsNewLogo125December 11 : Incident of conversion of 5 Hindu families from Kushinagar (Uttar Pradesh) to Christianity was brought forth.

December 11 : An ancient idol made of 8 metals besides few other idols were stolen from 400 years old world famous and historically important Raghunath temple at Kullu, Shimala including idols of Hanuman, Sri Ganesha besides ‘Shaligram’.

December 14 : Secondary and Higher Secoandary Education Board of Maharashtra State issued order to include anti-superstitions Act as a lesson in text book. It is also instructed that the said Act should be taught to children as an important part of the curriculum.

December 17 : A minor Hindu girl was kidnapped and forcibly married in Islamabad- Pakistan. Later, she was converted to Islam. This news was reported by ‘Global Hindu Rights Defence’. Is Modi Government going to do anything in this matter ?

December 11 : Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar rao of Telangana State changed name of an important garden in Bhagyanagar called ‘Kasu Brahmananda Reddy’ Garden as ‘Asaf jahi (descendant of Nizam)’ Garden.

December 13 : A fanatic named Mehandi from Bengaluru operates a twitter account in the name of ‘Shami Witness’ in support of fanatic Iraqi organization ISIS. This information was given by ‘Channel 4’ of Britain.

December 15 : 415 Hindus coming to India from Pakistan are homeless and are facing severe hardships in extreme cold. They all, including women and small children, are staying on the bank of River Yamuna in open place.

December 15 : Police claimed that Mehandi Mansoor Biswas (24 yrs) from Bengaluru operating a ‘Twitter’ account named ‘Shami Witness’ in support of ISIS is himself not a terrorist but just a supporter of terrorists.

December 16 : Salim Ahmad, a Dharmaguru from Muradabad warned that if incidents of conversion are not stopped, a war will be wedged against the country for such conversions. He gave this warning as some Muslims from  Agra re-embraced Hinduism.

December 18 : In last 10 years, black money worth Rs. 28, 00, 000 crores has been kept in foreign countries was the estimates given by experts from USA working with ‘Global Financial Integrity’.

December 19 : Congress MP Pramod Tiwari, MP in Upper House of Parliament compared pro-Hindu organizations with jihadi terrorist Hafiz Saeed on the issue of coming back of converted Hindus to Hinduism.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat