Bajrang Dal aims to reach 1 lakh villages; builds unity to solve Hindu issues

Bajrangdal Bengaluru Adhiveshan

2-days National Meet of Bajarangadal ends at Bengaluru…

Bajrang Dal aims to extend its reach in 1 lakh villages and demands National population policy, Ayodhya Ram Temple, ban on Madrasa education and Christian conversion.

HENB | Bengaluru | January 17, 2016:: The Bajrang Dal, the warrior youth wing of  Vishwa Hindu Parishad, has set a target of increasing its organisational reach in the country from the present 80,000 villages to one lakh villages within three months.

The two-days national meet (16 and 17 January) of Bajarangadal was started at Patel Bhavan, Bengaluru on Saturday morning being inaugurated by VHP Chief Dr Pravin Togadia and Bajarangadal National President Rakesh Pandey.

Disclosing this to reporters in Bengaluru on Sunday, on the sidelines of a national convention of the Bajrang Dal, VHP joint general secretary Surendra Kumar Jain said, “We are in the process of increasing our reach to one lakh villages before Ramnavami (April 15).” On whether it will be able to reach this target within three months, Mr. Jain said, “The Bajrang Dal will not only increase its network, but also celebrate Ramotsava in one lakh villages on Ramnavami.”


Meanwhile, the conclave alleged that there was an imbalance in the country’s demographic identity due to the decreasing population of Hindus. It adopted a resolution, urging the Union government to adopt a uniform national population policy which bars those, who do not abide by the population control norms, from getting various government facilities.

National Population Policy

Expressing concern over the dip in Hindu population to below 80 per cent of the total Indian population, Bajrang Dal has demanded Common National Population Policy for all the communities. On the last day of its national conclave here on Sunday, Bajrang Dal has put forth its demands by way of a resolution.

“Bharat is known for ‘Vasudaiva Kutumbakam’. A fall in the number of Hindus will be a threat to the true identity of ‘Akhanda Bharat’. This is for the first time the country has reported less than 80 per cent of Hindu population in the latest Census figures,” the resolution said.

Regarding the rising Muslim population, the resolution says that cross-border infiltration from Myanmar and Bangladesh has affected the population balance.

Ban madrasas

Mr. Jain also demanded banning of madrasas, while accusing them of spreading jihad. He maintained that Pakistan was in the process of banning radical madrasas, while France, Russia and Germany had already banned them completely.

Stop conversion

Commenting on religious conversion, Bajrang Dal has called upon the Hindu community to organise, unite and understand the sensitivity of this ‘dangerous threat’.

Big Muslim population ends secular harmony

Any area with 20 per cent or higher Muslim population puts an end to ‘secular harmony,’ the Bajrang Dal has said in a resolution passed at its two-day baitak in Bengaluru that concluded on Sunday .

Pushing the slogan Hindu Ghata Desh Bata” (if numbers of Hindus go down, country will be partitioned), the RSS offshoot asked all Hindus to unite and ensure that the demography of any region comprises at least 80 per cent Hindus.

“The places, districts, and states where Hindus are less in numbers are a potential threat. This includes the whole of Kashmir valley , Bihar -3 districts, Bengal -3 district, Kerala -1 district and Assam -9 districts. These are places where secular harmony has come to an end. Non-Muslims are finding it difficult to survive there. The state and central governments are also lagging behind in protecting them,” the resolution said. Rajesh Pandey , the national convenor of the Bajrang Dal, said there was an atmosphere of insecurity and attacks on the Hindus were increasing.”Family planning should be strictly implemented for Muslims also and Hindus should unite to protect our identity ,” he contended.

Hindu unity and Ayodhya

Ram and Ayodhya are the unity symbols for India. Hindu sentiments for Ayodhya Ramjanambhoomi Temple cant be ignored anyway. Though Hindus respect the Indian judiciary system, they can’t be humiliated in the name of minority politics and secularism. Hindus expect a calendar for the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya.




Source: Hindu Existence