BBC News is not considering relevant facts & not providing factual info on Kashmir Issue

Chandra Sekhar started this petition to UK Parliament

It’s regarding the events last week in the Indian parliament on the abrogation of Article 370 that provided temporary special status to the state of Jammu & Kashmir and the creation of two union territories (J&K and Ladakh).

Since this is a sensitive matter, some misinformation is being spread (largely by elements within Pakistan).  Also we have been reading the BBC news,  it’s only providing one side of the story. 

We wanted to take the opportunity to list out some facts to help you address this issue as and when necessary.

– Article 370 was a temporary provision incorporated in the Indian constitution in 1949 giving special status to the state of J&K. It was supposed to be a temporary provision and its applicability was projected to last till the formulation and adoption of the State’s constitution. However, the State’s constituent assembly dissolved itself on 25 January 1957 without recommending either abrogation or amendment of Article 370, leaving the status of the provision on a cliff-hanger. The provision was later held to have acquired permanent status by way of rulings of the Supreme Court of India and the High Court of Jammu and Kashmir

– The special status had for a long period of time, hindered the development of J&K and had created gender inequality, lack of diversity and poor economic progress

– The abrogation of the article now ensures equality for all citizens of Jammu & Kashmir. e.g. A Muslim teacher who migrated from U.P to teach in J&K three decades ago has now the constitutional right to purchase a home

– J&K can now join the other states of India in reaping the economic benefits of one of the worlds fastest-growing economies. Employment will get a boost by the massive investment which shall be coming in all sectors i.e. Agriculture, Manufacturing & Services.

– Students of J&K will finally realize their demands of IITs and IIMs which are the top Universities in India being rolled out in J&K too

– Minorities will now get the same rights as elsewhere in India as enshrined in the constitution

– J&K is now rid of the gender discriminatory provisions in Article 370 against women. E.g., in the past if a woman from J&K married someone who is not from J&K, she/her children automatically lost rights to inheritance.

– The concept of sub-citizenship and therefore ensuring One Nation, One Constitution and One Citizenship remains supreme

The whole of India and the people of J&K, in particular, have welcomed the action and there is a sense of excitement. Yes, there are troops on the ground and certain temporary restrictions to ensure that Pakistan backed terror elements do not succeed in taking any undue advantage from the situation to advance their terror agenda.

Thank you for your time reading this and your support!