Bhadrachalam : Splendour marks Prabhu Shriram’s coronation ceremony

Bhadrachalam (Khammam): Splendour marked the Maha Samrajya Pattabhishekam (coronation ceremony) of Shriram at the Mithila Stadium in Bhadrachalam on Sunday.The coronation ceremony which began at around 10 am with the chanting of hymns by a battery of temple priests lasted a couple of hours at the sprawling and tastefully decorated Mithila Stadium.

Bedecked in beautiful ornaments and flowers, the presiding deities seated on a palanquin to the accompaniment of traditional music looked gorgeous as the priests and devotees brought them to the venue through the Mada streets.

 While extolling Shriram for his righteousness (Dharma), the priests performed a series of rituals – Viswaksena Avahana and Abhishekam – followed by Prokshanam with the holy waters brought from various rivers across the country.

After offering Padukalu, Raja Dandam, Raja Mudrika, Raja Khadgam, and Chathram to Shriram, the priests adorned Shriram with a jewellery-studded Kiritam (crown) marking the end of mega religious event.

Earlier, Governor ESL Narasimhan and his wife Vimala presented silk clothes to the presiding deities of the temple. Minister for Roads and Buildings Tummala Nageswara Rao was also present.Later in the evening, devotees in huge numbers took part in the Rathotsavam. 

Despite the sparse crowds present in the stadium compared to previous years, the aroma and the devotional splendour of the coronation ceremony was intact.Meanwhile, it is learnt that chain-snatchers had a field day on Sunday.

Source : The Hans India