Bollywood should take a lesson from the ‘Dabangg 3’ case and stop making religious bigotry in movies

Bollywood should take a lesson from the ‘Dabangg 3’ case and stop making religious bigotry in movies
Result of pressure from the united Hindus; objectionable part of the song of ‘Dabangg 3’ excluded

In the upcoming movie ‘Dabangg 3’ ‘Hood Hood Dabangg’, the humiliation of the Hindu saints and Gods created a feeling of distress in Hindu society. It was strongly condemned by many devout Hindu organizations, Akhada Parishad, Sant Samaj and others throughout the country. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti submitted a petition to the Censor Board against the film, however no action was taken.

Yesterday, Censor Board officials told the committee delegation that they had removed the offending footage from the film. Today, Salman Khan Films tweeted, “We are removing some scenes from the song ‘Hood Hood Dabangg.”

Therefore, the decision was made too late to say ‘come late’. According to Shri Ramesh Shinde, “this decision had to be taken only because of the pressure of the united power of Hindus. If someone hurts the religious sentiments of Hindus and to make films, they will have to face such opposition.”

He also thanked devout Hindu organizations including Sant Samaj for their support in the protest.
In one of the songs in ‘Dabangg 3′, Hindu saints were shown dancing with Salman Khan, their jataa left loose on their lap. Some saints were shown playing the guitar. Reacting to this, Salman Khan also made a derogatory remark stating that they were not true saints.

In one of the scenes in this song, Shri Krishna, Sriram and Lord Shiva were shown dancing to the song’s tune, blessing Salman Khan. This representation of Hindu Gods and saints disrespected the religious sentiments of the Hindu community. Shri. Ramesh Shinde stated that the film industry should learn from this incident and ensure that there is no religious mockery in its films. 

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti