Book @ “Racial Discrimination on Indian Student in Texas University”

Racial Discrimination On International Student in a Texas University
 Subho Chakraborty

A shocking tale of Assault, Hazing, Racism, Sexual Harassment, Confiscation of Freedom of Speech, Civil Rights Violation, PTSD – in a Texas University.
Most, if not all of you have been to college, some may even have master’s degrees or more. It’s hard enough to cope with the academic burdens of college, but to have to endure assault, hazing, sexual harassment, racism and psychological trauma also, is a bit much. Surely such things are not supposed to be part of curriculum or university life. But such were precisely what I had to put up with in University of Texas, Brownsville. I have suffered enough – my room looks like a hospital, there are so many medicines. I cannot go on anymore. So I thought, before things become so bad that it cannot be salvaged, I should come out and tell everyone. Please help in in my endeavor, not only to bare my side of the story but also to out the wrong doings of University of Texas, Brownsville.
My name is Subho and I am currently an international student (from India) in USA. Presently I am earning a PhD in City University of New York. However before coming to NYC, I was in other parts of USA where my experience was nothing less than horrific. The menu of my misadventures included hazing, assault, sexual harassment, racial discrimination, medical trauma and confiscation of freedom of speech – quite a change of pacer from what I came to USA for – to study. The consequential psychological damage has snow balled so much, that I suffer from PTSD and take prescribed meds. I cannot even concentrate on my work for twenty minutes without some sort of flashback of these incidents flooding into my mind. This is threatening to ruin all aspects of my life and I cannot keep things bottled up anymore. So I have decided to come out in a tell all book – only just a brief prelude for now and soon, a full-fledged revelation.
Like most other international students, I had come to USA to earn a degree – never did I expect to have to put up with experiences of such shocking and objectionable nature – and considerably debilitating too. So I was enrolled in 2011 in the University of Texas, Brownsville (UTB) in a master’s program. There was a PhD student there in UTB, called Shihan Weeratunga, from Sri Lanka. In the first few days of my coming to UTB, Shihan paid me no mind or attention. At that time, I had a plan for a dot com start-up and was looking for a coder. Then one day he overheard my conversation with another student who was good at coding – to whom I was pitching my plans. From then on, Shihan got stuck onto me like a limpet mine and covertly and overtly kept trying to either learn the plan or get himself included.

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