Brent Police issue chain snatch warning to Asian and Hindu community

imageBrent Police are advising the Asian and Hindu community to be on their guard of chain snatch thieves who increase their actions during Diwali and Navrati.

Officers are currently investigating a spate of robberies around Neasden Temple in Brentfield Road, where thieves run up to their target and snatch the jewellery from their neck.

The number of thefts rise at this time of the year as crooks target people while they out celebrating the forthcoming festivals.

The jewellery is sold on through the second-hand market which is driven by the high value of gold.

There is also an in crease in burglaries as criminals target the homes of Asian residents who are out celebrating.

Chief Inspector Nick Davies from Brent Police said: “Brent Police are investigating the recent spate of robberies around the Neasden temple and are concerned about the disproportionate number of crimes committed against our Asian communities.

“Clearly the religious festivals, the overt wearing of valuable jewellery and the periods when residents are away from their homes to attend festivals and events is an opportunity for some members of the criminal fraternity to seize the opportunity.

“Engaging and working with our communities is key to this and I am confident our communities will work with us to reduce crime and identify offenders.”

Officers are urging residents to take a few simple measures to protect themselves throughout the year.

• Do not wear valuables in public.

• Cover them up so as to not attract untoward attention when in public.

• Store high-value goods in a safe when you are not at home.

• Remember to secure the safe to the floor or wall.

• Photograph any items of jewellery separately as this will help insurance companies and the police in their recovery.

• Where possible, and if you are wearing or holding valuable items, always travel to and from your celebration in a group using well-lit streets.

• Try to avoid walking alone.

• If you drive, keep your car locked and remember where it is parked.

Consider the use of Property Identity pens and unique encoded traceable liquids.

Anyone with information about the robberies can call Brent Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.