British Indian Hindu community angry with the Labour Party: British Hindu Voice

Labour Party’s anti-India resolution at their annual Party conference in September 2019 has upset and angered the British Indian communities. The resolution was passed unanimously and was largely promoted by British Pakistani origin MPs, Councillors and party activists. The anti-India resolution on Kashmir seeks to interfere in the internal matters of another country and is drafted in a one-sided and divisive manner. Keith Vaz, MP for Leicester East has come under heavy fire from the Indian Community for not being proactive and alert enough regarding this anti-India resolution.

Mr Mukesh Naker from the British Hindu Voice said “Keith is the most senior member of Indian origin MP in the labour Party. He is also on the Labour Party’s National Executive. The fact that this damaging resolution was passed unanimously at the Conference puts a question mark on how well he understands the feelings of his constituents” Jitubhai Mistry, Vice President of Shree Prajapati Association Leicester said “Labour has betrayed the trust of Hindus and Indian voters by passing this motion, who for over half a century have been its ardent supporters. Labour has thus not only caused this immense pain, but Labour has shot itself in the foot.” Jai Purohit leader of Shakti Mandir said, “There is now lot of anger amongst Hindus towards Leicester East Labour MP Mr Keith Vaz for remaining silent and conspicuously trying to avoid the issue hoping it will settle down (it will not until the motion is withdrawn) and not standing up for them in this hour of crisis.

He has certainly let them down” Naliniben Mandalia, a local resident, said “ The labour Party is a divided party and antiSemitic. Now they are also seen as anti-Indian and anti-Hindu. They will now struggle to get Hindu communities support and votes in Leicester.” This resolution comes on the back of the horrendous protests outside the Indian High commission in London, protests in Leicester where Labour Councillors spoke and where Hindu Abusing slogans were used, protests in Birmingham where elderly Hindu ladies were shouted at a young Muslim protester in Hindi “You can stop us there (Kashmir) but here we will cut you up. You are not welcome in Birmingham”.

Mukesh Naker Communications Officer for British Hindu Voice 143 Cavendish Rd, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE2 7PJ, United Kingdom

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Source: British Hindu Voice